Health Cash Plans In The United Kingdom

What is a health cash plan?

In the United Kingdom, A health cash plan is a type of medical scheme where an individual essentially contributes a monthly fee and in return is entitled to claim back medical expenses on dental and routine check-ups up to the specified limit. Such plans can cater to both individuals and families making and are accessible to all willing members.

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Advantages of Health Cash Plans

These can be used to cater for treatment of both pre-existing conditions as well as those that develop after the plan is in place unlike health insurance that normally does not cover the treatment of any pre-existing conditions. In addition to this, health cash plans can be used to complement NHS and as such reduce the level of out of pocket payments for routine medical expenses such as eye and dental check-ups. This eases the burden of medical expenses especially among the low to middle income families.

But what do these health cash plans cater to?

Dental check-ups and treatment, optical check-ups and treatments, hearing aids, mental healthcare costs, health screening, physiotherapy, prescription medicine, personal accidents, maternity payments, osteopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropody and so on. It is good to note that not each plan may include all the aforementioned benefits and therefore there is need to confirm with your plan provided beforehand.

There are various health cash plans available in the United Kingdom giving you the opportunity to select the most viable plan for you and your family. Research on the benefits of each scheme and what is included will facilitate proper decision making on your end. Besides, this also gives you the opportunity to select a scheme that is both affordable and appropriate to the needs of your family.


In some cases, it is possible for the amount claimed back to be lower than the initial cost of the plan. In such cases, you would have been better off paying for the routine medical expenses out of pocket as opposed to subscribing to the plan. Therefore, this kind of plan is only suitable in cases where the amount claimed is higher than the monthly subscription fee.

You must submit your information to the plan provider in order to get your refund. In case you forget to do so within the stipulated period, then you lose out on your chance to get refunded. It also means that you are required to retain your financial records and the proof of payment in order to claim your money. This may seem like a tall order for people who may not be finance savvy.

Most covers will have a qualifying period to prevent fraudulent behaviour. This can seem disadvantageous in situations where a family or individual is in dire need of the refund but cannot access it. The qualifying period varies between one month to half a year depending on the service provider and this should be a great consideration when choosing among different providers.

But how much do you pay?

This is quite subjective as it is dictated by your age, your location, your lifestyle habits, your general health and generally your risk factors. It is also dependent on the level of the cover you are interested in, whether it is for an individual or a family and the additional policies you decide on. You can therefore customise your plan to cater to the most pressing needs of your family without straining your finances.