Animas Cartridge Recall

My friend Trisha emailed me that she saw a post on TuDiabetes about an Animas cartridge recall. Right after she emailed, my friend Mary forwarded an email she received from someone.  Thank you Trisha & Mary!  Apparently, there is a problem with some cartridges leaking.  Animas sent an email to customers that they had on record as having received some of the cartridges.  The cartridge won’t damage your pump but can cause high blood sugars because you are not receiving the proper amount of insulin.

Here is a list of lot numbers affected by the recall:


According to the email Mary sent, they will be sending replacement cartridges beginning February 25th.

Here is the message that was posted on TuDiabetes.
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  1. I also received the letter and it states that I did get a batch.
    I checked – I did. Haven’t used them – I got them in December.

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