I Made It!

I don’t know what happened a year ago in October, but my energy levels really took a nose-dive. I had been using my treadmill regularly six days a week and it was a struggle to get on the treadmill. I can’t even say how many days I skipped because I lost my spreadsheet that I track that on when my computer crashed – let’s just say it was a lot! Even when I was on the treadmill this last year, I was never able to get back up to 60 minutes. I broke that streak today!

Kelly Booth treadmill

On Tuesday, I did 30 minutes. This past week I felt like I was getting my energy back so thought I would add 5 minutes a day until I hit 60 minutes. Yesterday was an off day so today was to be the day I went to 35 minutes. I thought I would do 25 minutes, take a little break and do 10 more. When I got to 25, I decided I would do 30 before taking a break and then 10 more. When I started up after the break, instead of 10, I kept going.

I like to watch Joel Osteen’s podcasts and he always says to thank God for things that you want. Recently, I started thanking God for giving me the energy back to use my treadmill. You can’t just say it but you have to actually believe it. It worked!


  1. Good for you!! 🙂 We’re both working on becoming little old ladies with diabetes, still chugging away!! 🙂

  2. Because I’ve always been preparing myself for when it happens that I can’t walk properly – I actually have a collection of beautiful walking sticks. Nothing will stop me from going along – even at a slow pace!!!! You’ve got awhile to go Kelly before you can consider yourself an “old lady” (I don’t believe in that word at all – not part of my vocabulary – la, la, la, la!! I think I’m abit older then you maybe – not sure – but heck – whose counting years – not me – just the fact that I’m still alive and kicking 🙂 Keep on walking girls!!!

    • I hope that you never need to use those walking sticks Anna! The little girl next door called me elderly but she is only 5, so what does she know. I think I am a little older than you – I was born in 59 so that should make me 32, right?

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