Diabetes Blessings Week

Mike Durbin of My Diabetic Heart is sponsoring Diabetes Blessing Week. It is a good reminder to find the good things about diabetes instead of focusing on the bad. I should have done this all week instead of just the last day, but better late than never!

One of the best things to come out of diabetes for me is learning the importance of exercise. If it were not for diabetes, I never would have taken up running. Once I started running, I found out how much I enjoyed it. Even though I can’t run anymore because of neuropathy, I still try to exercise.

Although I haven’t met any of my d-friends in person, I have made some wonderful friends because of diabetes. It is amazing to talk to people from all over the world that I might not have ever had the chance to speak with if it were not for diabetes. We have a special connection because of diabetes that we don’t have with non-d people.

If it were not for diabetes, I never would have started blogging. I wanted to share some of the stuff I have been thru so people know that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. It feels good when I get a note from someone saying that I helped them with something.

Because of my blog (which I am doing because of diabetes), I made it to Wikipedia. When I got home Thanksgiving evening, I noticed there was a referral to my blog from Wikipedia. I thought that was a little strange so I followed the link back. There was an article on the Southside Times and they linked to my blog because of the one article on Wendell Fowler. There were much better articles written about what happened, so I am guessing they chose mine because of the deflated ice cream truck picture (which was shared in Facebook by one of my diabetes friends).

I copied the paragraph here, but you can check out the full article here. The Wellness paragraph is under Sections. I was especially happy to see they used the phrase, “misinformation about diabetes.”

Wellness – Publishes columns about nutrition and cooking. Contributors include Wendell Fowler, who recently came under fire for publishing two articles filled with misinformation about diabetes. The paper has since come under fire and received numerous calls, comments, and letters from readers. (http://kellywpa.com/2011/07/22/thank-you-wendell-fowler/) (http://www.ss-times.com/2011/07/22/opening-the-diabetes-discussion/)

Sorry for the blank post that went out to email subscribers. I was testing resizing the Diabetes Blessings Week photo that Mike did. If I use my own pictures, they automatically resize to fit for the latest posts section on the front page. For some reason, when I use other pictures, they don’t resize properly. I meant to test that on my test blog that I use for testing stuff.


  1. Wikipedia – wow!
    Posting a blank post… I live in fear of that!
    Yup, aren’t the d-blogs amazing?

    • Thanks Colleen! I think it had to be the picture. I always try to look before I hit that post button to make sure it is the test blog, but didn’t look tonight. The d-blogs and the people writing them are amazing!

  2. Saw you on the BlogHer NaBloPoMo post page. Unfortunately when I first was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over 2 decades ago, I didn’t see any blessings in diabetes. Now, Is another story. Living with diabetes doesn’t have to be too bad. It’s a tough disease, but there are worse diseases to have.

    • Thanks Cynthia. It is very hard to see blessings in the very beginning – I know I didn’t when I was first diagnosed! I agree that there are worse diseases to have. I have lost several family members to cancer. I had a good friend die from cancer this year. I would rather have diabetes any day over cancer.

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