Why Isn’t This Simple?

Back in November, I saw the nurse practitioner at the dermatologist’s office. I originally made the appointment because of a little lump on my back. I didn’t know that I also had a little mole on my back – it was in a spot that is hard to see. The NP told me that it was an odd shape and although she didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about, it should probably be removed. I realize that removing a mole was not something that was planned for that visit and she wasn’t an actual dermatologist, but I thought mole removal was something that dermatologists did. Instead of having me come back to see the dermatologist, she referred me to a plastic surgeon to have it removed.


Everything that I have read about mole removal talks about it being a simple in-office procedure. I had my appointment with the plastic surgeon on Friday. I expected to walk out of his office less one mole. That didn’t happen. Instead of walking out of his office less one mole, I walked out with papers to have the mole removed with outpatient surgery at the hospital.

To top that off, I have been getting hives since Christmas. Last Wednesday night, my back started getting itchy so I took some Benadryl and looked at my back. I had a couple little bumps on my back. When I got up Thursday morning, the little bumps were 3 big bumps. I Googled hives again to see if they could be big like that and I read that they could. When I saw the plastic surgeon on Friday, he thought they were warts and asked me why I thought they were hives. I told him that they have been coming and going since Christmas.

By Sunday, the three bumps were still there and I came to the conclusion that they were not hives. All the little ones have been gone in less than 24 hours. I looked for pictures of warts and I didn’t see anything that looked like what I had. I took a picture and emailed it to my sister who is a nurse. She said she is not a surgeon but she didn’t think that they were warts either. She didn’t answer my question of, “should I trust this guy to remove the mole from my back?”

She said that she thought that they could be some kind of bug bite but wasn’t sure. I started off by putting Cortaid cream on them when I thought they were hives. Then I switched to Neosporin.

I do have an appointment next week with the doctor that I see for my foot. He is not a podiatrist but a general practitioner that specializes in wounds. If they are still there then, I will ask him to look at them. If I am lucky, maybe he will pick up his knife and take the mole off to save me a trip to the hospital.


  1. Kelly, do they itch? My husband had a condition that took us 20 years to figure out, but the dermatologist head at Johns Hopkins finally named it, gave him a fairly simple combination of meds to use (“cocktail”), said it was fairly common, and he finally got some much-needed help. I’m not saying his looked like yours, but I guess I’m saying to when you have a mystery as you have, and I know you do this anyway, but our experience makes it worth repeating……do not hesitate to find the very best top-notch specialist to get an answer, even if you have drive 45 mins to an hour to do so. 20 years was just too long to suffer for my husband, and his sojourn started as simply as yours. Hope you understand what I’m saying. I’m in a hurry and should have found out more specifics of his condition to offer, but I thought it was too important to wait and we’re without internet at home for the moment. OH year, and my cell phone died, so now I have to get used to a new one and I’m going on a trip where I’ll have to use it a lot. ugh! Best of luck.

    • They are a little bit itchy Susan. My sister asked me that the other day and I wasn’t sure because I also had some hives and it was hard to say which was itchy. I don’t have any hives today and I haven’t taken any Benadryl so far today – they do feel a little itchy. I agree with you about finding a good doctor and traveling if necessary. If I hadn’t traveled with my foot infection, I wouldn’t have my leg today. I don’t really trust doctors around here. The only reason I made an appointment with a local dermatologist is because I tried several in Pittsburgh and couldn’t get in. I am going to have to start calling again I guess. Sorry about your cell phone!

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