A Patient’s Perspective: My Foot Five Years Later

Kelly Booth FootIt is coming up on the 5 year anniversary of when my foot finally closed 100% – the wound itself was a two year process. I can’t even say for sure which day that it totally closed because my vision was so poor at the time because of cataracts, I missed the big event. Looking back on medical records of when I saw the doctor, I know it closed between February 9th and March 19, 2007. I decided to write about this today because another person going thru a wound was asking me questions about how my foot was doing today. He was concerned about what my foot looked like now and what the skin was like.  I have written about the physical aspects of what I went thru but I have never really written about the emotional part of it.  I am finally ready to write about that part of what I went thru.

I thought I may as well take a picture of my foot and write an update about it.  If you want to see the pictures of what I healed from, you can see those here.  I warn you, don’t look if you just ate or have a weak stomach.  Although I will kind of summarize what happened here, the other write-ups with more detail are under the “Diabetic Foot Wound” menu at the top part of my blog.

I get a callous in the area that the original wound was. The doctor that did my surgery told me that it was because of the material used leaking out. I have since learned some of what he said wasn’t true so I don’t know if that is true or not – I know when I have searched for information on AlloMatrix (the material used in my foot), I have not read about that happening. It isn’t a question that I ever asked my current doctor. I go about every 10 weeks to get the callous trimmed and am past due in this picture.

I have a boney protrusion where the AlloMatrix was put in my foot. I do have periods of pain because of it. My current doctor modified my orthotics to relieve the pressure on the bone and that has made a huge difference in the amount of pain I was having. Back in 2010, I had a delay in getting the orthotics and bought some of the Dr. Scholl’s gel heel inserts to provide some relief because my orthotics were worn out. They really helped a lot and the next time I needed orthotics, I asked my doctor if it was OK to just use those. It was stressful going to the orthotics place because they would get bent out of shape when they saw the hole my doctor cut in them.

I have had two ulcers on my foot since the original wound closed. The first was in the spring of 2008 and I was told that it was caused by my orthotics being worn out. That ulcer was directly on the boney protrusion. The second ulcer was in the summer of 2010. That was caused by a blister on the side of my foot. The blister happened the night that I passed out from low blood sugar and woke up to EMTs over me. I found the blister after coming home from the ER.

I like to call what happened to me a comedy of errors, except it really wasn’t very funny. The original doctor I saw had been my doctor for years and he was very good. When I filed for disability and had to move back home and stay with my mother, I had to find all new doctors. The first doctor I saw for my foot after moving ignored the signs of infection. I ended up in the hospital and saw one of his associates. She ordered an MRI but even though the radiologist felt I had osteomyelitis, she didn’t think I did – guess which one was right!

While in the hospital, I picked up MRSA. After being discharged from the hospital on IV antibiotics, my family and home nurse did not feel the doctor was being aggressive with my wound. I made an appointment at the local wound center in Altoona and started going there. That doctor at least did the culture and picked up the fact that I had MRSA. After two rounds of Vancomycin, he did another culture and an MRI. Both stated that I still had an infection however the doctor said the infection was gone. He started me on a wound vac which should not be used with an infection in the bone – because of that, my bone turned to mush.

I switched to doctors in Pittsburgh at Ohio Valley General Hospital and ended up having three more surgeries plus doing hyperbaric oxygen treatment.  March 10, 2006 was the scariest day of my life.  The doctor did not know for sure what he was going to do until he opened my foot up.  It is not a comfortable feeling being called a challenge by your surgeon.  It still took another year for my foot to close entirely.

Ironically, the podiatrist that disagreed with the radiologist had done her residency at the UPMC podiatry program under the podiatrist that did my surgeries in Pittsburgh – when I Googled his name, they came up together on a paper.

After my foot finally healed, I started having a lot of pain in my foot. That is when my relationship with the doctor that did my surgeries seemed to fall apart. I went from him telling my mother after one of my surgeries that I was his favorite to patient to being the patient from h*ll.  Every time I tried to talk to him about the pain, he would sit and glare at me. It was obvious to me that he didn’t believe me. The couple times he did manage to talk to me, he was extremely arrogant. I wasn’t looking for pain pills, so I don’t know what his problem was. I believed that he would help me if I walked in with a hole in my foot, but I have also had broken bones that the only obvious sign was pain. I knew it was not possible to get help from him if the problem involved pain.

I am very a honest person so it really hurt to have someone treat me like I was lying when I wasn’t. Obviously he was my doctor and did not know anything about me personally, but don’t treat me like I did something wrong when I didn’t. I am the person that took $5 back to WalMart when most people I knew said they would have kept it. I would bet money that he would have kept the $5 before he would have taken it back yet I am the one being treated like a liar.

I really struggled over what to do. I believed that I had my leg because of him but I did not like how I was being treated. He was an arrogant jerk to put it nicely. I wanted to find another doctor, but I knew what I had been thru before finding him and I was literally terrified to go to someone else.

I finally decided I couldn’t take anymore and I changed doctors. I decided to see one of the doctors I had met in HBO. I knew he was a good doctor and had a lot of respect from his other patients. I made an appointment with him and requested my records.

I was very shocked when my records came. The doctor that treated me like I was lying had lies in my records. He wrote about “painful toenails” and “difficulty walking due to painful toenails” at almost every visit. I have never had a painful toenail in my life. I have difficulty walking, but it is not because of painful toenails, it is because I have neuropathy.  Having problems walking because of painful toenails doesn’t even make sense.

When I saw the doctor I met in HBO, he said “this pisses me off” about my foot. I didn’t have to convince him I was having a problem, he could tell by the bone protruding out of the bottom of my foot. He also told me that my foot should have been fixed prior to my doing HBO. What he doesn’t know is that the doctor that did my surgery even discussed with me that the material in my foot had slipped and wondered if that was why it wasn’t closing – that conversation took place prior to my starting HBO. He never suggested doing more surgery before I did HBO. I don’t know why he chose not to fix my foot, but my gut tells me it had to do with money.

I went thru a lot of anger over what happened. I was angry with myself for trusting someone that didn’t have my best interests at heart. I was angry for being lied to. I was angry that I had to go thru what I did with my foot when it was not necessary.

I have seen some of the worst in doctors and nurses.  I saw a lot of greedy people. I saw people looking out for their best interests and did not care that I was a human being. I saw people that ignored test results that said something was wrong. I wondered if I was being deliberately set up for an amputation.  It is pretty sad that I would even think that but I can’t come up with any other reason.  Why was I put on some expensive antibiotic instead of one of the antibiotics listed on the culture for the infection I had?  Was someone in bed with that drug company?   I saw mean people that should not be in medicine. I saw arrogant people and I saw people that lied. I saw people that had absolutely no compassion for their patients.  I was kicked over and over again when I was down by people I should have been able to trust and were supposed to be helping me.

But I also met people that truly cared about their patients. I saw extremely good doctors and nurses.  They are not consumed by greed. They listen. They care that you cry and are hurting.  They don’t know all the answers, but they don’t make you feel like you are a bad person because the things they are doing don’t work.  It isn’t your fault and they don’t blame you.  They don’t pretend to know it all, but they do their best to help you as much as they can.  Those are the people that are good doctors and nurses. They care.

I still ask why and I still cry. I know I will never get the answers to some of the questions I have. I tried to find peace by reading Bible verses that talk about forgiveness. I have stickies on pages of my Bible to read verses about forgiveness when I get angry. I find the most comfort in reading Ephesians. I know I need to forgive. It is hard to forgive someone you think of as evil. How can someone do the things they did and not be evil? I laughed recently when one of my doctors said, “how do they sleep at night?” when we were talking. I said that I ask myself that question a lot.  Doctors are supposed to be good people.  They are not supposed to deliberately hurt people.  I don’t think it is possible to ever understand why they did the things they did.  If I want peace, I have to quit asking why but I don’t think it is possible to not ask why.

Amazingly, it wasn’t searching for forgiveness that finally brought me the most peace. It was reading Proverbs 6 that brought that peace:

16There are six things the Lord hates,
seven that are detestable to him:
17haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
18a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19a false witness who pours out lies
and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.

I am not the one God hates. I didn’t lie, my doctors lied. I didn’t do anything wrong. They are one the ones that did something God hates, not me.

I thought I Can See Clearly Now was a good song to share here.  I can’t say that all of the bad feelings have disappeared, but I can certainly see clearer now.  Its gonna be a bright, bright Sun-Shiny day!


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  1. Oh Kelly Kelly Kelly – what a saga of bravery and courage (and dumb–ss doctors).
    The “painful toenail” comment was disgusting.
    The charge nurse at dialysis is supposed to check the feet of all pwd’s once per month. My insurance gets charged $120 for this procedure. He would always take off my socks, take a quick look and say “you’re okay”. Never said a word about my bruised toenail or a blister I had on the side of my foot (that was fortunately being monitored by my podiatrist). Well, this particular guy transferred out and a new nurse replace him. At the next foot exam he checked my pulses, looked between my toes, asked me all kinds of questions and did the filament test and checked for dry skin. A huge difference.
    I am SO TIRED of us having to be our own best advocate. Kelly, thank goodness that you are very intelligent and well-informed.
    And mostly thank goodness that you still have your foot.

    • Thanks Kathy. I am glad you have a new nurse that actually does what they are supposed to do. It is bad enough that they aren’t doing what they should, but when they are billing your insurance and getting paid to do something, that just makes me mad. You are right, I am extremely glad that I still have my foot.

  2. Kelly, i am sincerely happy for ur recovery, as u can imagine, since my current struggles parallel ur unfortunate saga. ur ‘success’ story is very comforting to read because it is so very easy to get down and harbor negative thoughts; thoughts about getting better, what’s up the road and thoughts about dctors, nurses and the good and bad in ppl. ur 5 Yr-healed foot (pic) is the light at the end of this tunnel. as i told my family/friends, ur blog was my xmas present this yr!!! btw- what meds r u taking Now and B4 this happened? My dctr just put me on 75/25 humolog plus kombiglyze tabs..which r working Great. He wanted me to take Victoza also but i refused because its new and i didnt like possbl side effects. Now tomorrow he wants to change again to Novolog.

    • Joe, one reason I started this blog was to share what I went thru so others know there really is light at the end of the tunnel. I am glad that you can see that.

      As far as the meds go, don’t forget I am T1 and you are T2 so treatment methods might be different. What really matters is that you find what works for you. Every one of us is so different in what we need. The 75/25 is a mix of long & short acting. I haven’t used it so I am not sure which is which. Novolog is a short acting used with meals. I use Levemir for my long acting and Apidra for the short acting although I decided to fire my pump back up today – not sure if I will continue on that or not. You only use the short acting in a pump. I can’t say I blame you about being worried about side effects with something. I try to avoid newer stuff for that very reason.

  3. i’m sure i’ve had more good nurses than bad, but i must mention the one that left my window open when it musta been 30 degrees below zero and knew that when i woke up i would he frozen. also the one that flicked the IV caps onto my bed while i slept, so that it felt like i was resting on a bed of nails. Oh and when i was in rehab, dying of thirst and the very thoughtful, observant nurse asked if i would like anything to drink. shoot, they were outta soda but had plenty of milk. Great, i said, but she never returned. i figured she musta got busy but when a second nurse did the same, and didnt return, i knew for sure, without doubt, that i was curbside and had the urge to start barking. actually i like to think i took bettr care of my dog than that! But..I am getting Better and thats all that really matters!

    • Joe, if you think about it, it is kind of sad that we remember the couple bad ones over all the good ones. It does give you a whole new perspective on the word compassion. And you are right, all that matters is that you are getting better. Before you know it, you will be the one singing I Can See Clearly Now!

  4. Hello Kelly,
    wanted to ask, since ur foot has been healed, how many hours per day do walk..and about how far. Is everything back to normal..or is one foot shorter than the other?
    Also, wanted to comment..that on ur blog..where it says Diabetic Foot Wound..when i scroll over it..a menu drops down..but i am unable to click on any of its listings since it disappears-same problem with accomplishmnts. Stay Well!!!

    • Hi Joe,

      I was trying to use my treadmill daily – times varied on how much energy I had. I had been doing 1 hour a day and then started having major fatigue issues a year ago. I was just getting my energy back when my treadmill died. It is hard to walk outside with the weather so I don’t get much walking in. I have 6 hand weights of different sizes so I am carrying them up or down the stairs one by one. I take them all down one day and up the next.

      I was able to click on the menu items. What browser are you using? The WP support people say to clear your browser when you are having problems and that sometimes helps clear it up. Let me know if that doesn’t help and what browser you are using & I will file a support ticket.

  5. Kelly, Have u ever been told that u have big feet? But seriously, if u could comment. When i go to my podiatrist and he debrides my foot…it always makes me wonder how the heck the skin will Ever fill in if he keeps cutting away. Do u know how the skin builds itself up. Is it like one layer at the bottom and then another..or does it fill in around the sides?. thought my wound looked great until i did a double take and saw that there is a circle of ‘dead skin?” about the size of a finger on the circumference. damn. also, do u know of any good websites that show healing dibetic wound pics and timelines….shocked that u r like the Only website that has given me some piece of mind and encouragement. Thanks,…Joe ( Happy St Pats)

    • Joe,no one has told me that I have big feet! I don’t know the science of why, but they say that they need to cut the dead skin away for fresh skin to grow back. I guess it is the same way that you prune a flower to make room for new flowers to grow back. Unfortunately,. I don’t know of any websites that have pictures and timelines – sorry! I am glad that you thought your wound was looking good, even if you took a double take about it. That is a good sign! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you also!

      • Well, maybe its just that i have Small feet ! Thanks for ur prompt reply. My wound looks ‘clean’- and thats how the nurses describe it, but it is about the size of a silver dollar. A Long ways to go. i have been able to go out to a restaurant and use a cane for short distance walking. Still wish there were other websites to see more ulcers that healed successfully. I also have fears that i put all my eggs in one basket- so to speak- trusting one doctor to steer me back to health. ( i do think the world of him and read articles where he has been a doc for over 40 yrs And on the Top Doc list for the last 3 years (but then i wonder too how many ppl have one leg under their care…no one would tell)…this whole ordeal has been nothing short of terrifying. thanks for throwing me a ‘liefsaving’ rope.Hope ur corned beef and cabbage was as delicious as mine.

      • Is your wound deep? They said that mine tunneled across the bottom of my foot. You can tell from the pictures that mine was deep. I do think that the first doctor made it worse because he was always sticking his finger in it. When I switched to the doctor in Pittsburgh, he never did that. It does need to heal from the inside out so if the inside is healing for you, that is a good sign. Even small ones can take awhile to heal. It was still good to hear you say that you thought it looked good! How big was it when it started compared to now? I was actually starting to worry about you because you were quiet for awhile!

        When you are using a cane, you are not putting any pressure on that foot are you? Fortunately mine was on my heel so when I was able to move around, I could walk on my toes.

        It is really hard to say if you are putting all your eggs in one basket. I have a wound care doctor now that I would not have a problem putting all my eggs in that basket. I know he is extremely good. If you asked me about the first doctor that I saw, I wouldn’t want one egg in that basket. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20 and you don’t know. I trusted the first doctor in the beginning but I also know if I had not switched, I wouldn’t have my leg today.

        What you can do is question everything. If he is using x treatment for you, look that up and ask questions. What are they using on your foot?

        It is a terrifying thing to go thru. I can relate to that! I agree that there should be more success stories out there so people going thru it can have some hope. When your foot is healed, you need to put your story out there too. Even if you don’t write regularly, at least do one about your foot. I wish I had more pictures along the way to show progress. Unfortunately, we didn’t really think about that at the time.

        I didn’t have any corned beef and cabbage yesterday. Don’t tell my great grandparents!

  6. Hello Kelly, When they first took me to th hsptl -june 09-u could see th bone. =partial calcanectomy Dec 2010= .wound is a ‘finger width’ away from the heel and is kinda like a silver-dollar-sized ‘donut’. The hole about the size of a quarter. it has filled in a bit after sevrl apligrafts. when i walk..mostly from bed to puter in family room i use my walker. but when i go out to a restrnt, 2 or 3x a month, i use my cane. Doc thinks its ok and the wound looks bettr the next day aftr walking on it .My bandage gets changed evry day. silver gel or pad, then gauz, and a foam pad. It has been exuding Green (doc says pseudomonas but its Ok)/ we joke cause i’m Irish. My nurse takes pix evry 2 weeks..dont think theyd share them. And thank u Kelly, (no..THANK YOU KELLY !!! ) for worrying about me..these days i worry too and will be so happy when i get my life back. After going thru this, i see how trivial it was worrying about the car starting or the price of gas, Thanks for helping me keep my chin up! 🙂

    • I understand your walking, but when you are walking, are you keeping pressure off the wound? Google the importance of “off loading” a wound. You do need to move around, if it is possible to do that without putting pressure on your wound. The doctor that I said I would put all my eggs in one basket with has said that he feels when you stop moving is when it is all over, but he would also never tell anyone to put weight on a wound. Are you on antibiotics if you have green coming out? I had green at one point when I had an infection and the doctor I had ignored it. That was before I knew it was infected and I landed in the hospital. Going thru this does give you a whole new perspective of what is important in life!

      As far as the pictures go, they are part of your medical records and you have a right to get them. I understand that sometimes things are just not worth the energy to fight and get them though. Maybe you can have your father or someone else take some for you when you are doing bandage changes so that you have some of a timeline when you are ready to look back. Your looking for a timeline got me thinking about mine and I wish I had asked for them. I am going to try and get mine. It is too late for the first wound center because they only have to keep them 7 years and that was up at the end of Feb for them. I will ask for them but I expect a dead-end there. I am going to try to get the ones from Pittsburgh though. They didn’t take as many as the first wound center – I would love get the first set because it went from bad to worse there. It improved in Pittsburgh.

      • before, when the wound seemed worse…the nurses did stress to me to try and walk on my toes. had a difficult time doing that. and so now, when i walk into the wound ctr, the doc watches me, with my walker, and doesnt object to me walking ‘normally’.. (of course i am not doing laps around the track). and as far as offloading..i sleep more than i like to admit…i dont elevate my foot as much as i should when i am sitting…esp when i am at my puter…My doc said dont worry about the green…pray he is right…not on antibiotics now–was tho, awhile back—. thank you again Kelly…

      • You just increased my worry factor by about 250%! As my disclaimer on the side states, I am not a doctor but those nurses are idiots! I wish you could get to Pittsburgh to see the doctor I see.

        At one point when I was doing HBO, they ordered a heel relief shoe – it had part of the heel missing. The day it came in, the person fitting it went and got my nurse and she said it was not hitting the wound. Several other nurses watched me walking with it and dressed my wound and put the shoe back on. One day the clinical manager was walking down the hall behind me and was a little ticked at the other nurses that they couldn’t see that it was bothering my wound. She then had the doctor watch me walking even though he had also seen me walk. He took the shoe and cut part of it away so that it didn’t touch my wound. Just because they are watching you and not saying anything doesn’t mean it is OK!

        I don’t know what your financial situation is, but I bought a used wheelchair from a local medical supply store for about $250. When I had the 2nd little ulcer, I got the wheelchair out of the closet and used that. I was able to move around from room to room as much as I wanted to without risking putting weight on my foot. I will do that again if I ever get another ulcer, regardless of how small it is.

        They also make something called a knee walker. You put your knee and a little platform and move that way. I didn’t hear about those until after my foot was healed. They are also a couple hundred dollars. Maybe ask your doctor to get a script for one and your insurance would cover that.

        Like I said, Google off-loading and see how important it is to healing. You won’t heal if you are putting weight on your wound.

        As far as the green ooze, promise me that at the first sign of feeling sick, having a fever or your foot feeling warm, get to an emergency room. Green ooze is a sign of infection and I can’t believe the doctor doesn’t have you on an antibiotic.

        When was the last time they did a culture? You should get copies of labs they have done in the past and get all future ones as soon as the lab prints up the report. I learned that lesson the hard way with a couple things. If your white blood cells are off, that is a sign of infection. If your SED rate is high, that is a sign of infection. If you are anemic or have low protein levels, your wound will never heal unless they fix those problems. I was very anemic – so much so that the nurses at my PCP’s office called me in a panic when they saw the lab report. I was never put on any iron until after I went to Pittsburgh. My protein levels were extremely low and no one ever suggested buying protein powder to use to help increase those. I can assure you, if I had seen labs with the first wound center, I would have been out of there months before I finally did. Had I left months before, I would have most of my foot today.

        Follow your gut! If you think something is not right, it probably isn’t. My gut was telling me for a couple months something was not right and I ignored it. That was a mistake.

  7. i appologize for being such a bother, (sorry) but u have been such a tremendous help to me. I tried using Darco ortho wedge shoe…but it kept sliding around until i was walking on the side of my foot. didnt really work out. but i have Seen shoes were they cut out inserts to help off-load. What brand shoe did u use and did it help u. how long were u able to walk? — curious why my doc never suggested it. My dad is also a tremendous help and changes bandages. He said it’s not green pus but more a tint that discolors the gauz. no odor-no fever-feels normal. My financial sitch is that i am on NJ Medicaid ( college grad on dsblty and when i do work it was at the casinos/Wawa or Six Flags)..a dollar more than min wage….& a wheelichair wont really work in my home. . was gonna get a knee walker but didnt follow up. Would u recommend a shoe for me and where i can buy it? Thank u again, Kelly ((hugs))
    ( i think u could cash in on this whole experience and turn a nightmare into a blessing/fortune somehow)

    • i cannot believe that More people haven’t written to say how much ur experience has helped them or has encouraged them to get help Now to get their sugar levels under control to avoid their own trials and tribulations! i know i asked for help befor this all happened and the social services people should have been a little bit more professional and helped me with getting my diabetes supplies sooner.

      • Joe, first of all, you are NOT a bother! I wish I would have had someone to talk to when I was going thru my foot mess. Sorry that I did not get back to you yesterday. I started working on something and then crashed.

        I think mine might have been the Darco one but I am not 100% sure on that. The wound center ordered the one that they wanted me to use. Mine did look like the Darco surgical shoes that I get except without the heel part. I didn’t really walk very much in mine either – they didn’t want me on my feet very much.

        That sounds better that your Dad said it is not green. Having some discharge is normal but having green isn’t good (unless it is Saint Patrick’s Day of course!).

        I was on Medicaid in the beginning stages of my wound also because I had filed for disability then there is a 2 year wait to get Medicare. They tell you that you are sick enough you can be on disability but you don’t need health insurance! One reason I bought the used wheelchair was because they tried getting one thru insurance and it was too big to fit thru the doors in my mother’s house. The supply place said that was the smallest one they were allowed to rent to me. I was able to get a smaller one by buying it.

        I agree with you about trying to find help from the medical professionals. If it wasn’t for people online, I hate to think where I would be today. I have gastroparesis (which is nerve damage to your stomach). I couldn’t get my BS in control and doctor’s just treated me like I didn’t listen. I listened but they didn’t know how to help me.

  8. it Is Green but its Not pus..thats what i meant to say. and the doc saw it last few times and didnt think anything of it. pseudomonas..bacteria leaving the body..i think. and today my dad reminded me that the wound is the size of a silver dollar. be so happy when i can get my mind on other things.

    • I am not 100% trusting of doctors anymore so question everything they do! You will get there Joe. I know it is hard, especially when you can’t get out and do stuff. Even when it is over though,. you will relive some of what you have been thru. At least then you know it is over and you can get on with doing other things.

  9. i am not trusting of drs either, esp when 2 of our neighbors lost both legs and lately i have never seen so many people hobbling around Burlington, NJ with One leg…omg… pray that Never happens to me. Thanks again Kelly…may Karma send u many good fortunes and continued good health…

    • Hopefully your neighbors weren’t going to the same doctor you are! I know sometimes, there is no choice but other times, doctors just find it easier to cut. With some of the things the one doctor did, I often think that he was deliberately setting me up for an amputation. He even told me I wasn’t allowed to go to Pittsburgh. Glad I didn’t listen to him! Run away from anyone with a knife! Like I said, follow your gut. If you think something is not right, get another opinion. I hope we all have good Karma!

  10. Just got back from dr’s and i told him about ur tribulations. Both the nurse and doc seemed to brush off anything that i’ve read or pictions i’ve seen on the internet. and i guess they’re right. making me realize that i am unique and everyone heals differently. The nurse mentioned the green tint on my bandage that had a little blood and a lot of drainage, I then mentioned antibiiotics. and the doc then wrote a Rx for cipro–(which i used to take awhile ago in rehab ). I dont like reading about the side effects, but it will only be for about a month.i asked the nurse if i could see pics of my wound and she made copies from when i started. Boy, last Nov it looked like we were There. like wtf happened. Pics from 2 weeks ago looked really good., healthy…but a Very Large wound. then i looked at othr recent pics where the wound looked really recessed. i blurted out ‘damn i am lucky i still have my leg, the wound looks absolutley Horrible’ . and then thought..i better Not be the one putting bad ideas into their heads…(dummy) ….asked the doc again about a walking boot and he seemd to think that my regular sneaker was Ok and that minimal walking was alright. asked if he thought i would be able to go to the casinos by myself this summer and he said maybe if someone pushed me in a wheelchair. Then i asked, well..ya think somewhere up the road i’ll be able to do that..and he said thats what were hoping. –Thanks for listening– Wish i knew how to upload pics so u could see my -(yucky)-wound.- and let me know what ya think–Joe

  11. wow..i wrote a book ! My wound IS a bit bigger than urs was….still surprises me just a bit that my doc allows me to walk on it at all…pray they r looking for my best interest…

    • Nothing wrong with writing a book Joe! I am so glad that they did not give you grief about getting the pictures. At least now, you have something to compare where you came from. My wound started in Sep and those pics were taken on Thanksgiving and a week later. I will ask my sister how much bigger it was in the beginning. I know she said the pics were not at its worst. They look bad enough to me.

      Yeah, don’t be putting ideas into their heads! I am going to have to come up and put some duct tape on your mouth! I am glad that he gave you a script. I took Cipro without a problem but obviously, if you have a problem, that does you no good to know that. I still wish you would read about offloading. Just because he says you can walk on it, you don’t have to actually do it! I have an appointment with my wound doctor next week and if I remember, I will ask him his thoughts on that.

      Do you have a scanner to scan the images in? Google has a free online photo album that you could upload them there and then give people you want to share with the link. Make sure you put your name or something on them so someone doesn’t steal them as theirs (and I am sure you are asking, who would want them!). I downloaded Picasa which is a free program from Google and put my name on my pics that way. Keeps people from stealing them as theirs.

  12. hello kelly..it’s me again. dont think i wanna put my foot pics out thr for ev1 to see. and it just occurred to me..are those pics of ur foot..befor or after surgery? oh and i just ordered Darco shoe

    • Joe, I understand not wanting to put your pictures out there. The pictures were before surgery. Those were taken on Thanksgiving and a week later (not sure which was which) and I didn’t go to Pittsburgh and have the surgery until March.

      • Pix taken of my foot on 3/23/12 -looks like yours did only biggr (Half dollar). i had my op Oct 28, 2010. March 2011 the wound was close to being healed, Dont know why it opened so much. Afraid i read/write and come to think of it, Talk too much –esp to nurses Haha) but just read signs of pseudomonas infection are swelling of the bone..my leg is swollen… but doc saw leg last thurs…also my friend –whose mother lost both legs when she was in her 30’s– guess circa 1965 when things were different–said she tried walking too soon and contracted some bacteria in a spa.. pseudomonas???..head spins..also read ‘psedu’ destorys flesh tissue..but u survived..:-) ..As always thanks for ur support..it means a lot..as u can imagine

      • I don’t think you are talking too much. Talking helps you deal with it. A common picture of people that go to a psychiatrist to get help with their problems is them laying on a couch talking! Being able to talk helps, so keep talking.

        Any infection that is in the bone is going to cause swelling. Mine was Pseudomonas aeryginosa – I just looked it up since I know there are a bunch of different ones. Every time they did a culture, I had something different. One of the ones I had in Pittsburgh was a type of staph that my doctor had never seen before. When I got my records and looked it up, it was something that animals get. You should also ask for a copy of your last culture. A culture lists which antibiotics are the right ones for which infection you have. The idiot doctor here put me on something that was not going to tackle that infection. When I was in the hospital right before going to Pittsburgh, an infectious disease doctor came in and said that it wasn’t the right antibiotic and once we got the copies of everything, I could see that.

        About a month before I went to Pittsburgh, I also broke my foot because by that point, the bone was getting mushy. When the doctor that did the surgery looked at the MRIs I brought, he said he wasn’t sure how much swelling was from the infection or from the break.

        I survived but I survived because I went to a good doctor! If I had stayed with the doctor here, I wouldn’t have my leg today. Now you have 2 people telling you that went thru a wound to stay off that foot! Listen to your friend’s mother! I can’t tell you how many people that I talked to at the wound center that admitted their wound was not healing because they did not stay off of it. I am still baffled that your doctor would tell you that it is OK to walk on it, even if just for a little. I once talked to a guy on a message board that his wound was not healing. His wife got him one of those walkabout walkers and he was surprised how much faster it started healing once he stayed off of it.

        As far as the swelling, that is Lymphedema. I still have swelling in my ankle and calf of my leg. That is apparently pretty common after a bad infection, so don’t be surprised if yours doesn’t go back to normal.

  13. wishing good Karma and contnued good health for my diabetic friend who has shared her ‘5 yr success’ story and all that she’s endured during her 2 yr battle with a diabetic foot ulcer. U hav been a tremndous help to me ( & many othrs, i’m sure) and such a comfrt keeping me sane. Most of the GREEN is now gone…yeah…. 🙂 Thank You

    • Joe, that is good news to hear most of the green is gone! I am sure you are doing the i-hop happy dance right now! Pretty soon, you will be sharing your success story also – the more of us out there doing that, the better! I also wish good Karma and good health for you!

  14. Wishing you a safe, Hoppy Easter !!!

  15. Hello Kellly..I went for a drive 2day past Mt Holly hosptl, whr i spent most of my time bedridden. ther was this guy (skinny)- walking with crutches and No Foot (from the ankl down). “diabetes, he said. bone infection”. (same as me). at first they got his toes in 2008 and now this. Medicaid. felt awkward stopping & asking him at first but told him my sitch..and like you…he was very helpful sharing his tragic nightmare. He was very positiv and said ther are worse things and he managed those crutches with no problm. I said i wanted to do everything in my power so that nothing else happens to me. he was very sympathetic. thought how fortunate you are (so far me too- knock wood).

    • Joe, when I was doing HBO, there was a woman there that had lost one leg and was fighting to keep the other (she wasn’t diabetic though). She was very positive and had a good sense of humor. She was an older woman and didn’t have a computer. I told her it was too bad that she didn’t have email because I always got a lot of jokes she would enjoy. She told me that her son printed them off for her. When I went home on the weekends, I would always print out the good ones for her. One Monday, we got back just in time for me to get to the wound center so I just dumped my stuff and left – she was disappointed because I didn’t have the printouts that morning.

      You are right, we are very fortunate!

  16. Kelly..did u ever have a time when the edges around the wound didn’t seem to stick to the wound? hope that doesnt mean it isnt continuing to heal from the inside. have a great day. sorry to bug.

    • I can’t say that I did Joe, but I will ask my sister that question. Since it was on a spot that I couldn’t see very well, someone else always changed the dressings for me. Hopefully it is not a problem! You are NOT bugging!

    • Joe, I talked to my sister tonight and she wasn’t 100% sure what you were asking but she thought you meant like if you have a papercut and the skin gets white near the cut. She said it sounds like you just need a debridement – you should be having that done regularly anyway. Hopefully everything is OK with it!

      • Kelly, as always. Thank You and thanks 2 ur sister… 🙂 suppose that is the problem..just another debridement will do the trick…

      • When do you go back to the doctor Joe? I am guessing your appointments are still fairly close together. I also talked to my sister about the off-loading issue,. but that is a whole other conversation!

  17. go this Thr..(evry 2 weeks)..its a good thing that u got me to tell my dr to prescribe Cipro..i am reading whr pseudomnas contributes to osteomyltis…You are Lifesaver!!! Oh and my dad and i just went to Bertuccis..and saw Yet anothr young guy with fake leg..this is becoming UNreal…used walker…try to elevate leg when watching TV at nite (but not often as should–mostly sit at puter with toes on floor)…Oh..and i told my Doc about U..and what Tremendous support u have been 4 me..and (how nice u r to promptly reply to my posts and how nice u r to say that I am not a bother) …and ur 5 yrs of success.. he said, “Well thats very encouraging”–like u were an exception…the way he said it made me like…ugh…should i be worrying

    • When I told my sister, how you described it, she said it was infected. Any infection can get into the bone or the blood but the “nasty” ones move faster than some of the other ones. I had the osteomyelitis prior to gett MRSA or pseudomnas, and when I was originally in the hospital, they really did not do the culture properly so I have no idea what was really in there.

      I am glad that you are trying to stay off of it. Hanging down at your computer isn’t as bad as walking on it because you are hopefully not putting any pressure on the wound.

      I wasn’t the exception in Pittsburgh. Had I stayed at the wound center here, I probably would have been the exception.

      And I will say it again, you are NOT a bother!

      • pray that is Not the case…and i do think Highly of my doc..his father was a podiatrist all of his life and he passed his business down to his son (my dr)..i read where he has won many awards and has been named top doc for 3 yrs in a row. He grad. frm Temple U…and has been in Collingswood /practice for over 30 yrs…does worry me why he said Not to worry bout the psuedomonas tho…wish i could email u just a few pics

      • I hope not either! That worries me also because everything I have read about them says they are nasty and even the first bozo I went to said that. If you send a message thru the contact form at the top, I will email you back and you will have my email address. I just changed the form last night because I got some spam thru there so added a little quiz before you hit send. Hopefully the form still works!

  18. Ok..Kelly..pic 1- 2/23/12…Worst (scary) skin doesnt appear to be attatched
    Pic 2&3 3/8/12–looks incredibly better.. big, nasty BUT HEALTHY
    ….and then later..ill sed ya a pic of my foot LAST MARCH–whr the wound looked almost healed–(about 4 mos after surgery)…And i do blame me walking on the wound-too soon– with a cane..
    . ..First time ever hospitalized. Never any health issues b4 ((hugs ))

    • I got your message so I replied back so you have my email. I didn’t realize you had been at a point it was almost healed. Hopefully this will be the last health issue you have!

  19. did u get the pix…look how Great the wound was LAST MARCH…a yr ago…and now it is back to the size of a silver dollar…

  20. hmmm….tried sending myself a copy too and didnt get anything either…getting really tired and frustrated–afraid will have to send them later 2 nite or tomorrow..(tomorrow go for blood test for A1C)…try to figure what i am doing wrong…past my nap time…

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