Wordless Wednesday: Reversing Diabetes?

I was doing some spring cleaning and came across this. It is one of those things that when I saw, I wondered why I would keep it other than I must have known it would make some good blog material one day. The sad part is that my Type 1 aunt bought this for me along with one for herself. She should have saved her money!

Reversing Diabetes


  1. Ugh…

  2. Well, the subtitle says the book discusses reversing the COMPLICATIONS of diabetes, not diabetes itself. So I suppose I can reluctantly let it pass … barely.

    • Agreed Scott – they should have had the complications of diabetes as the title. It actually did have a discussion of Vitamin B and Alpha Lipoic Acid as being good for neuropathy.

  3. 🙁 Did you toss it out, or keep it to discover again for another Spring Cleaning??

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