A Little Bit of Everything and Black Teeth!

What being on antibiotics too long does to your teeth!

A friend of mine posted this article in FB about using activated charcoal to whiten your teeth. Another one of her friends said that she used it and it worked so figured I would try it and have some fun with the pictures! I read that it makes a mess so I put on an old shirt first. Glad I planned on cleaning the bathroom anyway because it made a huge mess!

As far as my foot goes, it is the same old crap, different day as my sister likes to say. In June, I finished up the oral antibiotics that I was on for two months after finishing the IV antibiotics. A couple days before finishing the antibiotics, the doctor thought my foot looked red, knew I was just about done with the antibiotics but didn’t extend them and said, “see you in two weeks.”

A couple days later, I ended up in the ER with an infected foot. They prescribed Zyvox, which I knew would make me sick because it made me really sick back in 2005. It was worse than I remembered it! I was supposed to be on it for 10 days. After 7 days, I had my appointment at the wound center and they changed me back to Augmentin. A few days later, I ended up back in the ER because my foot got really red again. They put me on Bactrim this time – only for 7 days but the wound care doctor extended it. So I am still on the foot rollercoaster!

I need to find a place to move to that is on one floor. I have looked at 2 houses so far. I really liked the location of the first one but it needed too much work to make it livable for me – the biggest thing would be making a laundry room on the main floor. It had a bedroom and bath downstairs so I would just close off the upstairs.

The second house, I have no idea why a realtor would take anyone into it – it was almost like a scene out of Hoarders! The kitchen had been cleaned up but when the realtor went to turn the light on and nothing happened, we both looked up. The light fixture had been ripped out of the ceiling. The woman selling the house (it was her mother’s house and she went into a nursing home) said that sparks started flying so they had to take it out. Yup, I really wanted that house!

They have a community yard sale every year where I live. I figured since I am getting rid of stuff, I would try the yard sale this year and make a few bucks for moving. It got rained out about 11 AM. I made a whole $14.85! I tried! My mother came to help me and right before the rain started, I jokingly said I didn’t think that I made enough to order pizza for us for lunch. I was right about that.

This last week, I have had more energy than I have in ages. I am hoping that this is a permanent and not a temporary fix, but I will take what I can get. I would like to try to get back into some kind of “normal” routine. At this point, I am not even sure what normal is anymore and will probably have to re-define that!



  1. I think I’ll keep using the Crest WhiteStrips…

  2. Haha! I thought those pictures were real for a second! Holy heart-stopping scare, Kelly!

  3. Good Grief!
    Good luck with the house hunt.

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