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Click for the Diabetes Life Hacks – Friday 5/16 Link List. Share the (non-medical) tips and tricks that help you in the day-to-day management of diabetes. Tell us everything from clothing modifications, serving size/carb counting tricks to the tried and true Dexcom-in-a-glass trick or the “secret” to turning on a Medtronic pump’s backlight when not on the home-screen (scroll to the bottom of this post). Please remember to give non-medical advice only! (Thank you Rachel of Probably Rachel and Kelley of Below Seven for this topic suggestion.)

At first, I couldn’t think of any non-medical tips.  Then I was sitting at my desk and realized that I do have a couple.  Just had to open my eyes and look!

I have seen a bunch of people on MDI say that they can’t figure stuff out because they don’t have a pump.  You don’t need a pump to figure things out – all you need is a little calculator.  I have a couple of these little pocket calculators.  They are cheap – last time I got one, it was $4.  I put it next to a ruler so you can see it is only 4 inches long and thin.  Easily fits in a purse.  It makes it easy to figure out carbs and insulin when you are out and about.  No need to be a math genius when you have a calculator on you!

 Pocket Calculator


Another thing I make use of is sticky notes.  I am a creature of habit and when I get up in the morning, I take my usual dose of insulin without thinking about it.  When I need to change my Levemir dose, I put a sticky on to remind me to take something different.

 Sticky notes



Something everyone should have in their fridge is a thermometer.  About two months ago, my refrigerator died.  My cat figured it out before I did.  As soon as she sees me starting to stir in the morning, she goes and sits at her dish.  She normally loves her canned food but all of a sudden, was turning her nose up at it.  I ended having to toss some insulin.  If I had a thermometer when it died, I would have been able to save my insulin.  Lesson learned!


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  1. Oh yes, there are great hacks – it’s funny how they become such a part of life we don’t see them as hacks. Even with a pump I think I could use a calculator to add up my carbs because my pump only asks for the total carbs for my meal. So I could be making better use of the calculator on my phone. Thanks!!

  2. Cool hacks. I need to put a thermometer in our fridge..insulin can be finicky stuff! (if overheated or frozen. Both of which I’ve done.)

  3. Even using a pump, I have my cheapo calculator in the drawer, in the kitchen. And I use it frequently.
    And what did we do before sticky notes?
    And maybe I missed it but, when d-blog week is over, I think you need to do a photo house tour of your new home.
    Have a nice weekend Kelly!

    • Thanks Colleen! I am not sure what we did before sticky notes. I guess we used Scotch tape and plain paper! No, you didn’t miss it. I haven’t done a photo tour of my new home! I will have to work on that one!

  4. Great list! I use those, too – nothing like the classic pen and paper to get the D-Jobs done! Thanks for the post.

  5. It’s funny – because I want to use my sponge brain before I lose it – I try to just use my brain to figure things out at times. I mean I did this way before I ever knew about I:C ratios, etc. I guess I sort of winged it – but still was doing alright. Now like you say, calculators are VERY handy. Even better – the meter I use right now – is almost like an insulin pump with all the ratios. I compared it against my pump when I was going off it back in Dec – and the meter was pretty right on. Tho’ I still do my own tweaking – and of course – my trusting companion a note book is what makes me remember what I’ve done (tho’ some younger T1D’s say they think that’s old fashioned – but when the battery dies on your netbook, etc. – well – a note book is always accessible – and writing keeps my fingers nimble 🙂 ).

    • Good that your meter has the ratios in, as long as you can set them for what you need. I saw a calculator a couple years ago that did it too but you couldn’t change the ratios – not much good! Yup, paper doesn’t run out of battery power!

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