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Click for the My Favorite Things – Sunday 5/18 Link List. As we wrap up another Diabetes Blog Week, let’s share a few of our favorite things from the week. This can be anything from a #DBlogWeek post you loved, a fantastic new-to-you blog you found, a picture someone included in a post that spoke to you, or comment left on your blog that made you smile. Anything you liked is worth sharing!


I had a few things that I really liked this week but will limit it to two. 

At the top of the list was Laddie at Test, Guess and Go wrote,  A Diabetes Poem by Abby the Black Lab.  I am just a big softy for pups, so really enjoyed that one.  My dog Alex couldn’t tell me I was low, but I know he knew something wasn’t right.  A couple times I would wake up after passing out and he would be sitting there shaking.  It really broke my heart to see him so scared because of me.  We think about what this disease does to the people in our lives, but we don’t always stop and think about how it impacts our furkids.  So Abby’s poem really hit home for me.


Colleen at d-meanderings wrote about Medicare and CGMS coverage.  I had to laugh when I read that her doctor told her that it costs them less if we die.  It wasn’t really funny, but that is exactly how I have felt about a few things.  Colleen’s doctor really summed that one up!

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  1. Loved Abby’s poem, too!
    And I really like my pcp, too!

  2. Kelly- Abby thanks you for the shout-out. It’s been so nice to see you back writing this week. I hope you keep it up because your voice is so important. Plus I just like knowing how you are doing. Are you participating in the Hope Conference on Tuesday?

  3. Have to admit: Abby’s poem is at the top of my list, too! Such a sucker for pups myself, especially black labs who look like our Riley Dog. Lots of amazing blogs this week, and so many still to catch up on reading in the days ahead. Thanks for being a part of it and sharing your posts each day on all the topics!

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