United We Stand, Divided We Fall

I have mentioned a couple times about being frustrated with the way the DOC seems to be headed – my last post was on September 1st and talked about that very issue. From posts that I see, I can tell I am not the only one feeling that way. I have felt that I have a major disconnect with the DOC and feel like I am on the outside looking in. As much as I would love to payback the help that I have received, I really don’t want to be on the inside of a community that is heading the direction it is going – and it seems to be getting worse on a daily basis.

A couple weeks ago, I logged into Facebook and saw 3 of my d-friends comment about being frustrated. Pretty sad when November is supposed to be diabetes awareness month and a time that we should rally together and bring attention to our cause. Unfortunately, I feel exactly like they do and I personally have no desire to take part in whatever “festivities” are going on this month because I am not very proud of the DOC at the moment.

Then Sunday night, I logged into Facebook and saw this:

This comment was made in response to an article that a friend linked in his newsfeed. It is a great article written by a Type 1. My favorite line contains the words “… f***ing brain ….” Couldn’t have said it better myself!  You can read that article here.

The irony of the idiot that made the comment is that he used to be fat. Instead of trying to help people, he feels the need to put them down. He was actually a member of a d-group I left because his attitude seemed to be the prevailing attitude in the group. Karma will bite him in the a** some day and I hope he learns a big lesson in reality.

First of all, Type 2s are not at fault for their condition. There are a lot of people that were thin, athletic and ate healthy when they were diagnosed. Wonder what he suggests they do differently.

Doctors and dieticians have been telling people for years to eat 40-60 grams of carbs for each meal plus snacks. Don’t eat fat. You can eat whatever you want as long as it is in moderation. They made us fat!

For those that are obese, that is a very complex subject. There are things other than food that cause obesity. We live in a very toxic environment and a lot of those toxics cause obesity – that has been proven time and again.

It can also be caused by genetics. I did DNA testing back in January to find out about both genealogy and health traits. I have both Type 1 and Type 2 genes – that did not surprise me because I have both Type 1 and Type 2s in my family. I also have obesity genes. Lots of them. That doesn’t mean that I will spend my life as an obese person but my genes do play a role in my weight. I have often joked I can gain 10 pounds looking at something and maybe that is true.

Just because someone is diagnosed with Type 1 does not mean that they are immune from gaining weight. Some of us with Type 1 actually get that fact but there seems to be a lot of Type 1s out there that think they are immune from gaining weight.

My friend Mary posted this video in Facebook. I had seen it before but forgot about it. Dr. Peter Attia discusses metabolic syndrome and obesity. In this video, he asks, “What if we’re wrong about diabetes?” Besides being a doctor, he developed metabolic syndrome. He believes that metabolic syndrome (aka insulin resistance) causes obesity, not the other way around. This video is worth the 15 minutes to watch and you might actually learn something.


As I said above, obesity is not a simple subject. Before you make fun of someone because they overweight, why don’t you get your facts straight and not make assumptions about that person. Don’t assume because someone has Type 2 that they are fat and lazy. You are the lazy one because you don’t want to take the time to learn about something that you obviously do not understand. Continuing to point fingers and spread misinformation helps no one.

Most of all, why not learn a little compassion.


Although longer (45 minutes), this is another great video to watch:


  1. Will watch the videos later – thanks for posting them.
    And – I really have found that the “hide this person” does a lot for my FB mood.
    Hang in here – you never will know how many people you’ve helped and so – if you can, it’s important to stay in the blog/FB stuff.

  2. OMGOSH Kelly – I am in tears! I’m so frustrated with society asking me WHY DON’T YOU JUST LOSE THE WEIGHT AND GET RID OF THE DIABETES – like I can snap my fingers and make that happen. I am tired of reviewing my daily diet and exercise routine with everyone on the planet – explaining that I am TRYING TO BE GOOD because apparently being GOOD is not GOOD ENOUGH. If you don’t walk the walk – you just don’t understand. I eat under 2000 calories a day, exercise for an hour every day. I refuse to spend days at a time at the gym – I do have a life to live. Besides being on insulin – I’m basically pretty healthy. My heart is healthy, my eyes are great, internal organs all work well – I AM A BLESSED INDIVIDUAL but get so very tired of the STIGMA that unfortunately accompanies TYPE 2 DIABETES. There is so much we think we understand – but I’m just not so sure we really understand as much as we think we do. 🙂

    • I didn’t mean to make you cry! I can tell you that we don’t understand as much as we think we do. We have been living a lie and those lies were based on what some people wanted us to believe, not actual science. One good thing about the internet is we are now learning about those lies! I think some people have a fast metabolism (I am sure not one of them) but some day, that will catch up with them.

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