Another Ping Bites the Dust

Animas PingFriday I wrote that I decided to try the pump again because I suspected I had some bad Levemir again. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t something with me causing the problem. Animas replaced the Ping that died in March last year and the pump has been sitting in a drawer and was not used until when I opened it up on Friday. Someone told me that she was changing her sites every 24 hours to avoid site problems so I thought that was worth trying.

It was around noon on Friday when I put the first site. For the most part, I did really well with that. I used the Orbit Micro sets first because the needle is thinner and sites seem to do better with them. My one problem with the Orbits is if I turn over and sleep on a site at night, I seem to cut my insulin off. I woke up a little high Saturday morning because I slept on the site, but the correction worked a little too well and I was low before I knew it.

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I Fired My Pump Back Up

Animas PingI quit using my pump after the second one died last March. I only pumped for about 8 months before throwing in the towel. A big problem for me was site issues. I seemed to build up scar tissue pretty fast. I had sites fail fairly fast. It was rare to get 48 hours out of a site Every time I turned around, I was going high because of a failed site. The problems were not worth the good things about the pump.

Someone that read my problems with memory foam contacted me and she mentioned that she changes her sites daily because of the problems she had. I started thinking that could be an option for me also. It certainly would be worth trying. Whether or not I can actually get enough sets to change sites every 24 hours is a whole other issue, but if I can avoid the highs by changing sites at 24 hours, then that would make pumping worthwhile for me.

Back in December, I wrote about having problems with my blood sugar and it turned out to be the Levemir pen. That pen was the 4th pen in a box of 5. I didn’t have any problems with the first three pens nor with the fifth one. As soon as I changed the Levemir pen out, my blood sugar went back to normal. I had two good weeks of blood sugar and after opening a new box of Levemir, things were going whacky again. I did have the flu last weekend, so I wasn’t sure whether it really was the insulin or just me. I put the first pen in the new box in a baggy and started a new pen. I still kept having problems. Yesterday afternoon for my 3 PM shot, I decided to take out the third pen in that box. It was like I injected water, I just kept going higher and higher. I kept bumping up my dosage – I literally added 8 units to my total daily dose, which was almost 50% of what I was using.

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Animas Made My Decision For Me

Yesterday, I wrote that I was On the Fence About Pumping.  Late yesterday afternoon, my replacement Ping showed up.  Animas sent me a refurbished pump.  I know a lot of people don’t  have a problem with refurbished pumps, but I have now had two Pings die in a matter of 8 months.  One of those only lasted 2 months.  My trust factor in pumps is about zero at this point and I am not going to use a refurbished pump when new ones don’t last. [Read more…]

On the Fence About Pumping

I started using my Ping on June 28th.  The first few days were great and I really loved it but then I started having a lot of site problems. My sites were breaking down fast and after a couple weeks, I started getting hives – I apparently have a Teflon allergy.  I stopped using the pump and let the hives clear up and when I started the pump again, they came back so I knew for sure it was the sites and not something else.  I switched to steel sets and that problem went away.

I have also had some insulin issues.  Apidra breaks down fast for me and when it is warm out, I have to change my cartridge out every day and a half. In December I started having problems with my insulin fizzling out about 10 days after I open a new vial.   If I don’t change my cartridge out early or throw a vial of insulin away after 10 days, my blood sugar skyrockets.  I feel like I am wasting both cartridges and insulin by having to do that.  I like Apidra better than any other insulin I have used, but Apidra and the pump don’t seem to be a good mix for me.

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Diasend Software: Pump and Meter Readings Combined

Several people in the Animas Group on TuDiabetes have mentioned Diasend software.  I didn’t pay much attention to when I first saw people talking about it because it was an easy way for you to upload your pump and meter readings online and give your doctors easy access to it.

Last night, in one of the discussions in the Animas Group on TuDiabetes, Kimmcannally mentioned a review that she wrote about Diasend on her blog.  You can read her review here.  I didn’t have time last night to read it but wanted to read it this morning.  Kimmcannally mentioned that one of the nice things about the Diasend reports is that it shows both the recommended bolus and the actual bolus.  I thought that was kind of interesting so I decided to check the software out. [Read more…]

Animas Cartridge Recall

My friend Trisha emailed me that she saw a post on TuDiabetes about an Animas cartridge recall. Right after she emailed, my friend Mary forwarded an email she received from someone.  Thank you Trisha & Mary!  Apparently, there is a problem with some cartridges leaking.  Animas sent an email to customers that they had on record as having received some of the cartridges.  The cartridge won’t damage your pump but can cause high blood sugars because you are not receiving the proper amount of insulin.

Here is a list of lot numbers affected by the recall: [Read more…]