Sleep Bolusing

I don’t remember hearing the Dexcom alarm last night or taking any insulin but I must have.  When I looked at my graph for overnight, I went high and came right back down. According to the Dex reports, I peaked at 203 at 2:18.   I don’t know why I went up or why I came back down, but I guess this is the diabetic version of sleep walking. [Read more…]

Dexcom Gen4 Sensor and Integration With Animas and OmniPod

I subscribe to the diaTribe newsletter – which is a newsletter about diabetes treatments and technology.   Diabetes names Gary Scheiner, Jim Hirsch and Kerri Sparling all contribute to diaTribe.  It is well worth checking out if you have not read it before.  The downside is that it only comes out quarterly, but if you subscribe, you don’t have to worry about your inbox being flooded with newsletters you can’t keep up with.

I received a newsletter last night from diaTribe and there was an article about the status of the new Dexcom sensors and Dexcoms integration with both Animas and OmniPod.  As most of us are aware, the FDA has been holding up the release of these items.

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Dexcom Gone Crazy

I put a new sensor in last Friday.  Every time I checked my blood sugar both Friday and Saturday, my meter readings and Dexcom readings were within a few points of each other – what I would call the perfect sensor.  On Sunday, my readings started to stray here and there, but nothing to be worried about.

Monday was a different day.  My readings were straying way off all day.  Unfortunately, my Dex wasn’t the only thing I was not trusting.  I had opened a new box of test strips and I was even questioning if those were right.  My meter would show that I was in the 70s or 80s and I felt like I was lower than that.  I even broke out another box of test strips & stuck them in my backup meter.  Those were close to my regular meter but I was still thinking “garbage in, garbage out” as far as my Dexcom readings went.

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Pumping, TAG and Gastroparesis

Yesterday, I wrote about the Flatliners Club and shared some pictures.  When I was taking pictures last week to share for that article, I thought I would also share what a good gastroparesis day is for me.  It is far from perfect, but if I can avoid the extremes, that is a good day.

One of the first big improvements for me with gastroparesis was learning to split my mealtime shots into multiple shots.  That helped some of the crashing after eating and the highs later once your food finally started to digest.  Doing that, I was able to start seeing A1cs in the 5s.

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Dexcom Software Glitch

I can’t really call it a bug but I guess you can say it is probably just something the engineers did not think about and is something potentially dangerous.

Back in July, Dexcom replaced my receiver.  That first night, I noticed something was not right with the alarms.  I went to bed and as usual, I checked my blood sugar right before.  I had the Dex lying on the bed and had rolled over so the Dex was behind me.  It started to vibrate and because I knew what my blood sugar was, I ignored it and figured I would get it when it beeped in 5 minutes.  Instead of beeping 5 minutes later, it vibrated again.  And 5 minutes later, it vibrated again and no beeps.  I went downstairs to call Dex and while I was on hold for the tech, it started to beep.  I talked to the tech and she said just to keep an eye on it and if it happened again, call them back.

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My Dexcom Seven Plus So Far

I started using my Dexcom on April 23rd, so it is seven weeks today that I started using it.  Overall, I love it!  Every once in awhile, I get some whacky readings, but for the most part, it is very accurate.  I find that it is more accurate than the Navigator was for me.  I was worried about going from 1 minute readings with the Navigator to 5 minute readings with the Dexcom but that has not been a problem for me.

I like the alarm settings on the Dexcom a lot better.  The high alarm can be set at 120.  With gastroparesis, the earlier I can get insulin working when my blood sugar starts going up the better.  I have my rapid rise & fall rates set at 2 mg/dl per minute as opposed to 3 mg/dl per minute.  I can get earlier notice when my BS starts going up or down.  The Dexcom has 3 directional arrows for each set – diagonal, single up or double up and the diagonal, single down or double down so those make it a lot easier to determine exactly how fast your BS is moving.

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