Hospital Infections

HospitalThe other day, I read an article in Science Daily talking about hospital readmissions due to infections.  Most of my regular readers probably know that I went thru a very bad foot infection that cost me two years of my life.  Anyone that has been thru a nasty infection themselves or watched someone close to them knows that it is not something you want to revisit.


One particular sentence in the article really bothered me – you can read the full article here.

Furuno said. In addition, the authors suggest patients with positive HAI cultures could be targeted to receive additional discharge planning resources to help reduce the likelihood of readmission.

Maybe I am just annoyed at all the cover-ups going on, but this sentence to me makes it sound like it is the patient’s fault they get readmitted.  In my case, a moron doctor looked at an MRI report and a culture that both stated I still had an infection and cut off treatment for that infection.  How is that my fault?

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Celiacs: It Is In Your Genes

Right after I had my foot infection, I started having some stomach pain, gas and a strange itchy spot on the back of my leg.   I did look up what side your appendix was on and my pain was on the opposite side.  At the time, I had just come thru a two-year ordeal with my foot and unless something was gushing blood, it was getting put off.  I had more than my fill with doctors.

DoctorI know that I should not have put things off, but after 20 months of seeing doctors at most 2 weeks apart and the norm was more like every week, I was trying to avoid doctors as much as possible.   I also had a PCP that told me when I was having shortness of breath and chest discomfort that I couldn’t possibly have heart problems because I was able to use my treadmill.  I kept the problems that I was having to myself.

In the spring of 2008, I developed an ulcer on the bottom of my foot.  When I went thru the original foot wound, I gained about 65 pounds because of not being able to move around.  When I had to quit using my treadmill again that spring, I was determined that I was not going to gain that weight back.  My normal calorie allotment has always been 1200 calories and I gained the 65 pounds eating 1200 calories a day.  I decided in order to not gain the weight back, I cut back even further.

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I Am Allergic To Clothes!

And no, I am not going to join a nudist colony!Frog Laughing

Last November, I wrote about a strange little white bump on my back. I came to the conclusion that I have a spandex allergy. Since the first little white bump and itching started, I have had numerous bouts of hives and dermatitis. I have been learning a lot about textile and clothing allergies. The stuff I found out is pretty scary. Did you know that they put formaldehyde in fabric used to make clothes with? I didn’t believe that when I first read it.

They say that people with autoimmune problems are more susceptible to getting allergies – that makes sense because an allergy is also an immune response to the substance you are allergic to. People with allergies also have a lower risk of getting cancer (other than bladder cancer), so I guess there is at least one positive in having allergies!

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Checking Yourself Out of the Hospital (2012)

hospitalLast year I wrote about checking yourself out of the hospital when I accidentally came across a paragraph about that in my insurance manual. If you have ever been in the hospital and wanted to leave, you were most likely told that your insurance won’t pay the bill if you do that. I wanted to put a copy of what is in this year’s manual and keep it updated so someone doesn’t look at my first article and think it was an old policy.  I have been meaning to do this post since I first got my new manual last year, and after writing about the withholding insulin searches yesterday, I figured I should just get it done. This is from my insurance company’s 2012 manual:

Right to check out of the hospital

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Blatant Dishonesty

Those sound like harsh words, but they are actually the words used by one of my doctors on Tuesday. I had an appointment in Pittsburgh with the doctor I see that specializes in wounds. I wanted to ask him what he thought about my back. If you have ever tried to get in with a dermatologist, then you know that you have to wait forever. When I brought up my back, I also mentioned the mole that I was scheduled to have removed in the OR.

One thing that I like about this doctor is that he actually listens to you. It didn’t matter to him that my appointment was for him to look at my foot. He is willing to help you if you have a problem other than what your appointment was for. You can talk to him and if he is able to help you, he will. Even if he feels you need to see a specialist for something, he won’t leave you hanging until you can get an appointment with one. He will do what he can to help you in the interim.

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Electronic Medical Records: Did UPMC Violate My HIPPA Rights?

Confidential file folderYesterday I wrote about the phone message I received on Friday for a different Kelly Booth’s upcoming surgery. I have no relationship at all with the doctor’s office that pulled up my information in the UPMC system to call my number. My number is unlisted. There was absolutely no reason for M at Dr. X’s office to have access to my phone number. The other Kelly Booth certainly had her privacy rights violated – I now know who her doctor is and what date her surgery is scheduled for. Because I looked up the doctor, I know what type of surgeon he is and what specific disease she has or suspected of having. The other Kelly Booth’s privacy was violated because a nurse did not pay attention to whether or not she was leaving a message for the right Kelly Booth.

I do know that M is a nurse because Saturday afternoon, I called the number back and listened to her voice mail message. The number that was left was her direct line. I suspected that she was a nurse based on what she said in the original message but she did state that she was the nurse for Dr. X in her voice mail message.

Poor M. Besides leaving the message for the wrong Kelly Booth, she left the message for a Kelly Booth that is a blogger. A blogger that is concerned about health stuff. If she only knew!

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