A Tribute to My Father (NOT!)

CoffinYesterday morning my mother called and said that she had a second piece of good news for the day for me (I had called her earlier with some good news). My father, Albert Booth, died. Saying that he was an SOB is being nice and none of us have talked to him in years.

My childhood memories were filled with fear. We hid in closets when he went on his rampages. He put his fist thru doors, broke mirrors and anything that he could break. It wasn’t just people he took his anger out on – he kicked dogs across the room, threw them down stairs and over his shoulder. He was not a nice person.

My parents divorced the summer when I was in between the fourth and fifth grades. He was not a very nice person and her attorney advised her to leave town while the papers were being served on him. My aunt and uncle put us on a bus down to Washington DC and we stayed with one of my older cousins and her husband for awhile. Then we went to Harrisburg and stayed with my aunt and uncle there. When school started, we came back to town but stayed with my grandfather for awhile before coming home. It was safer that way.

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Making a River for My Dickens’ Village

EnviroTex Lite RiverBack in 2004, I bought the Tower Bridge of London for my village and ever since then, I have been trying to figure out how to make a river. The best that I could do was a piece of blue felt but I wanted something better.

Last winter, I stumbled upon a message board for train people and read some of the techniques that they use to make a river. The most liked material seemed to be something called EnviroTex Lite. There was also a lot of discussion about the need to follow the instructions to the T. You had to mix two things in exactly equal parts or it would not turn out. I decided that I wanted to try it anyway.

This summer, I baked a few things and realized how hard it was for me to get things measured out exactly because my hands are so shaky. I decided that using something that needed measured exactly probably wasn’t going to work for me. It is one thing to put a little too much flour or milk in something but another when something really needs to be exact. I ordered a different product that some people had success with but other people didn’t like it. It didn’t work for me. I ordered yet another product and that didn’t work either.

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Halloween Treats or Frankenstorm Snacks?

Our trick or treat is supposed to be tomorrow afternoon – they are calling for rain this weekend and the worst of the storm to start Monday with heavy snow!

Frankenstorm snacks

I made witches hat cookies for my nephew – I hope that he and the other trick or treaters still come tomorrow or I will have all these cookies, 105 candy bars, 5 ½ pounds of Smarties, left over Hershey kisses and icing plus milk to go with the cookies. Just what my BS needs! [Read more…]

No D Day: Genealogy Fun

No D Day

I have been playing with genealogy and some of the stuff I have found out is actually fun. 

I joined Ancestry and put my tree on there – you can do that for free without joining.  Doing it as non-paying limits what you can see, but you can still learn a lot of valuable information.  There was a hint about my one great grandmother Julia being married in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  When I went to look for the marriage, I was surprised to learn that the marriage was not to my great grandfather Martin, but another man, John.  Julia and John were married in 1886.  My mother didn’t know anything about John.

About the same time I found the marriage license, my brother noticed that there was a step-daughter listed on the 1900 census with Martin.  My mother asked my aunt right before she died in March and my aunt knew that Julia had been married to someone that was killed in an accident.  The step-daughter turned out to be my mother’s Aunt Edna.  She was listed as Mary E on the 1900 census and later started using her middle name Edna.  My mother did not know that Edna was not Martin’s daughter and was 80 when she finally learned that information. 

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Happy Left Handers Day!

I didn’t even know there was such a day until my sister sent me a card. The card was copyrighted and I couldn’t find another pic so I decided to just make my own since I have a left handed clock.

Happy Left Handers Day

Jailed for Pharmacy Mistake

Doctor with sawThis morning I was watching CNN like I usually do while having my morning coffee and saw a story that was very scary. Anne Lenhart went to Haiti to volunteer her time after the earthquake. She went hiking while there, had a 30-foot fall, and broke her knee. It took several hours to get her to a hospital, where she underwent emergency reconstructive surgery on her knee – which was done without any anesthesia. After about a week, she was flown back to Dallas.

Police She had been on prescription pain medicine for about a month and went to refill them at CVS. Although the CNN story I am linking below doesn’t say this, when I Googled the story, other news sources stated that CVS called her to ask her what time she was coming in to pick up her prescription. She wasn’t able to drive so had a friend take her to the pharmacy where she was met by a police officer. She was arrested for supposedly forging her prescription. The other news sources also say that the arresting officer told her that he had worked with that particular pharmacist before and he never made a mistake.

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