What a Waste of $$$$

AccuChek NanoAwhile ago, I saw Manny on TuDiabetes mention that the AccuChek Nano meter was supposed to be more accurate and fall within 15% accuracy rates.  I decided that I would try one so bought one back in August.  They were only $10 so it wasn’t like I had to spend a fortune to get one and there ended up being a rebate slip in the box.  After I got home and opened the box, there weren’t any test strips.  I can’t order strips until October and I hate ordering strips for a meter I am not sure about.  Been burned one too many times!

I decided to call Roche and see if they could send me some sample strips for the Nano.  They were nice enough to send me some sample strips.  During our conversation, I made the mistake of mentioning the night that I went low and had to call the EMTs.  I mentioned it because AccuChek does read low and some meters I have had would tell you that you were 80 when you were 30.  That was a big mistake!

Because I mentioned the word “low,” Roche is required by law to replace the meter and strips.  I don’t even know what box of strips I was using.  They had to ask all kinds of questions.  I told him that it was not the meter that caused the low nor was I saying anything was wrong with the meter.  When he was talking about getting the meter back, I told him that I did not want to give up my meter – it is consistent and I am not giving it up!  He said that they still had to send me one and if I did not want to send the other one back, then don’t. 

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