No Go on the Ping to MM Trade-In

Animas Temp BasalA friend of mine called me yesterday afternoon. She has been a MM pump user for years and when we were talking, she asked me if I had contacted MM yet to see about trading in my Ping. I told her that I haven’t done that. I don’t have the money to do that today so was holding off until I would have the money, although I was curious about what it would cost me.

Not too long after we hung up, the phone rang. I saw “Medtronic” on the caller ID so I knew that she must have done something! When I picked up the phone, the guy introduced himself and said that he was calling from Medtronic. He told me that my friend had called and told them that I was interested in getting a pump. I guess that is one way to get my butt moving! She needed to call them about something else anyway so I know she didn’t just call because of me.

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Another Ping Bites the Dust

Animas PingFriday I wrote that I decided to try the pump again because I suspected I had some bad Levemir again. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t something with me causing the problem. Animas replaced the Ping that died in March last year and the pump has been sitting in a drawer and was not used until when I opened it up on Friday. Someone told me that she was changing her sites every 24 hours to avoid site problems so I thought that was worth trying.

It was around noon on Friday when I put the first site. For the most part, I did really well with that. I used the Orbit Micro sets first because the needle is thinner and sites seem to do better with them. My one problem with the Orbits is if I turn over and sleep on a site at night, I seem to cut my insulin off. I woke up a little high Saturday morning because I slept on the site, but the correction worked a little too well and I was low before I knew it.

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I Fired My Pump Back Up

Animas PingI quit using my pump after the second one died last March. I only pumped for about 8 months before throwing in the towel. A big problem for me was site issues. I seemed to build up scar tissue pretty fast. I had sites fail fairly fast. It was rare to get 48 hours out of a site Every time I turned around, I was going high because of a failed site. The problems were not worth the good things about the pump.

Someone that read my problems with memory foam contacted me and she mentioned that she changes her sites daily because of the problems she had. I started thinking that could be an option for me also. It certainly would be worth trying. Whether or not I can actually get enough sets to change sites every 24 hours is a whole other issue, but if I can avoid the highs by changing sites at 24 hours, then that would make pumping worthwhile for me.

Back in December, I wrote about having problems with my blood sugar and it turned out to be the Levemir pen. That pen was the 4th pen in a box of 5. I didn’t have any problems with the first three pens nor with the fifth one. As soon as I changed the Levemir pen out, my blood sugar went back to normal. I had two good weeks of blood sugar and after opening a new box of Levemir, things were going whacky again. I did have the flu last weekend, so I wasn’t sure whether it really was the insulin or just me. I put the first pen in the new box in a baggy and started a new pen. I still kept having problems. Yesterday afternoon for my 3 PM shot, I decided to take out the third pen in that box. It was like I injected water, I just kept going higher and higher. I kept bumping up my dosage – I literally added 8 units to my total daily dose, which was almost 50% of what I was using.

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Animas Corporation: Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations

Animas PingA friend of mine (thank you Trisha!) just sent me this link to the FDA website – Animas was sent a letter from the FDA because they failed to properly report insulin pump problems. You can read that letter here.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t surprise me. They have 30 days to report a problem to the FDA. When my pump failed, I started reading the MAUDE reports on the FDA site to watch for my pump to show up. Considering it over-dosed me with insulin and almost killed me, you think that warrants being reported to the FDA. My pump never showed up even though other dates after they received my pump back were being reported. Reading thru the FDA site, it appeared that only minor problems were being reported to the FDA. I doubt that either pump that was returned to them was ever reported to the FDA.

When my first pump broke, I was told by several people at Animas that I would be able to call them to get the results of their testing of the pump. I made several attempts to do that but I was never given that information. It is hard to wear a pump when you know that one almost killed you but the company that is making it would rather just cover that up than be honest about what happened.

Pumping vs. MDI

Insulin pens and insulin pumpWhen I decided to stick with MDI in March after my pump broke, I said I would write more about the comparisons between MDI and pumping. I never did that so thought I would do that now.

One big plus of pumping is the multiple basal rates. Most people take one or two shots of Lantus or Levemir. Some people need more variety and they can have more basal rates with a pump. I take three shots of Levemir per day. I was always able to get fairly flat coverage with the three shots, but lately, my basal needs have changed. If I take enough Levemir to stay flat in the mornings, I end up going low after lunch. If I were on a pump, I could just set the pump to change basals rates when my body needs more or less basal.

You can also change your basals or suspend them on the fly with a pump. If your plans change for the day once you take Lantus or Levemir, that insulin is floating around in your body and you can’t take it back. You can change your basals with a pump or suspend them altogether.

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Picture Day

TypeOne DiabetesAwareness in Facebook is having a picture of your pump, pen or vial event. You can post the pics there. I took mine the other day but finally managed to get them uploaded so thought I would share here. Pens are my method of choice. I didn’t have any white tape to put a big x over the pump (for fun of course!).

Apidra and Levemir insulin pens and Animas Ping
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