More Information on the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program

After I posted the Medicare 2011 DME Changes, I found out a few more things that I wanted to share.

I know a lot of you are thinking that because you are not on Medicare, this stuff does not affect you.  Well, it does.  A lot of insurance companies follow Medicare guidelines so other insurance companies can start doing this same thing.  My friend Mary’s husband works for a very large corporation and his company switched insurance policies the first of the year.  Mary’s daughter has an intellectual disability and uses the Omni Pod pump and the Dexcom CGMS.  The Omni Pod is one of the easiest pumps to use and she is able to use it without having to make complicated decisions on what she should bolus.  Although Mary makes the important management decisions for her daughter, her daughter having a pump that she is able to use and give herself meal boluses with ease is something that is very important to both of them.  A CGMS is a very important part of her control and Mary does not have to worry 24/7 about her daughter having severe lows.  They were informed that their new insurance follows Medicare guidelines and they will not cover the Omni Pod or the Dexcom.  Now Mary has to start her year off fighting to try and keep the Omni Pod and Dexcom for her daughter.

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