The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Last week I had an appointment for my foot.  In the fall, he switched me to 3 weeks and when I saw him in November, he said 4 weeks.  Last Thursday it had been a month since I saw him.  That was the longest I have gone without seeing a doctor in almost 3 years.

Although my foot did not look closed to me, he said it was.  My sister had told me that but as I said, it didn’t look closed.  She said the skin is dark in that area most likely because of the stuff we were putting on it, but it really is closed.  I guess it was 2 against 1 so officially, it is closed!


It has been a very long, long road – if you aren’t familiar with my story, this mess started in April, 2011 so almost 3 years ago.

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Comic Strip About My Foot

I am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Today’s topic is, “Create a comic strip about your health / life / community”

Cartoonists won’t have to worry that I am out for their jobs!

diabetic foot ulcer comic strips


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Arrogant Jerk Doctors

I decided to use “Arrogant Jerk Doctors” for my title because the one I wanted to use was too long and that one fits the bill. 

I have been dealing with the ulcer on the bottom of my foot since the end of April.  Things just keep getting worse.  Something has not been right with the doctor I have been seeing the last couple months.  I first met this doctor in August, 2006 when I was doing hyperbaric oxygen treatments in Pittsburgh.  I always thought he was a good doctor and he was someone that listened to patients.  Last year, I even wrote, “I wish everyone could have a doctor like him!”  He is not someone that I ever thought I would call an arrogant jerk (and that is being nice!). 

Yesterday, I had an appointment in Pittsburgh with him and I ended up firing him.  They had rescheduled my appointment and I had not seen him since August 23rdAt the visit on the 23rd, he wanted me to keep the bandages on for 10 days.  I saw him on Thursday and by Saturday, my foot was sore so I ended up taking the bandages off on Sunday.  I am glad that I did because I had several new little sores on the bottom of my foot.  He also wanted me to put moleskins on my foot and those ended up ripping the skin off of my foot so I quit using them.

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Foot Update and Stomach Bug

I got up on Sunday the 26th and felt fine for awhile, then got sick. There seemed to be a bunch of people with a stomach bug, so I guess that is what hit me also. Whatever it was lasted all week and I felt like crap all week. My BS was all over the place. I get annoyed when people tell you to change stuff, but I was waking up in the 80s every other day and 200-300 every other day. What are you supposed to change? During the day, I can test a lot and make corrections as needed, but over night is a crap shot if you want to sleep – and when you are sick, setting an alarm for 3 AM is not going to happen!

I think my dog caught whatever I had because when I woke up Sunday morning, he was not on the bed like he usually is. I called for him and just as he started coming out from under the bed, I noticed a little brown pile over by the gate (I keep a gate in the doorway at night so he has to stay in the room). As I got closer to the gate, I could see that there were 6 little piles. Fortunately, his did not last a week and he seems back to his normal self now.

I saw my doctor on the 23rd of August. He wanted me to keep my bandages on for 10 days. My foot was really sore after, so I ended up taking my bandages off on the 26th – maybe that is what made me sick! The gauze was really tight and cutting into my foot. After taking the bandages off, I saw that I had several new sores. The original ulcer actually looked better than it had. You can see the one for the 26th here.

Last Friday (the 31st), the doctors office called to reschedule my appointment – I was supposed to go next week but now have to wait to the end of the month. That same day, my foot started feeling sore again.

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EMTs, Foot, Eyes and Other Stuff

The month of July was crazy for me!  I had appointments for my foot and eyes, we had our family reunion and I made two things for that – my mother usually makes the broccoli salad but took me to Pittsburgh two days before and had plans to go to a convert the day in between so my sister and I offered to make things she normally made.  The town I live in has a community yard sale every summer and the apartment complex I live in takes donations and has a yard sale and uses the money for the kids.  I helped with that so that wore me out.  I also gave a talk on diabetes in my development and WEGO Health asked me to write about that – I had a stomach bug last week and missed when they posted it, but here is the link.

Two weeks ago, I went up to bed about 10.  I have an alarm go off at 11 so I can take my Levemir.  It is actually set for 11:05 in case I am downstairs.  I woke up but don’t really remember the alarm going off.  I picked up what I “thought” was my Levemir pen.  I normally take the needle off in the AM and put a new one on when I take it at 3.  There wasn’t a needle on and that really confused me because that meant I missed my 3 PM Levemir dose and wasn’t sure how I wouldn’t have realized that. I grabbed my meter to get a needle out and had trouble priming the pen – all that kept coming out was air.  I was getting really frustrated and just stuck it in my leg.

EMTsA little light bulb went off and I realized that maybe I should test my blood sugar.  I also realized that I had the wrong pen in my hand and it was Apidra, NOT Levemir!  Fortunately, I have been using syringes instead of the pen needles – me that hates syringes decided that I was getting better control with using them.  I still like the pens better because there is much less wasted insulin, and once you start pulling insulin out with a syringe, it messes up the plunger in the pen and the needles won’t work.  When I tested my blood sugar, I was 39. Had that pen actually worked and I was able to put 5 units of fast acting insulin in, I would really have been in trouble!

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I Have Been MIA

Yesterday I went to look for something on my blog and realized that I have not posted since June 15th – that is one long summer vacation! I have a couple things going on this week, but I am hoping to get back to normal next week. I am afraid to log into my Google Reader – it will probably explode when I open it! The other day my friend Anna sent me a message that she is behind on reading blogs and I should let her know if she missed anything important. I told her she didn’t miss anything because I didn’t write anything.

My foot is still not closed – it has been about 2 ½ months now. Needless to say, I am getting a little frustrated with that. Although it does look better, it is a long, slow process and I am ready for this to be over. I see him again on Friday so I hope that this is the last time before it is 100%.  If you want to see what it currently looks like, click here for the latest pic.

I also have an eye appointment in Pittsburgh Friday so that will be a long day.  Since Friday is also one of the two ice cream socials, we will have to stop for ice cream!

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