Doctor, A1c and Moving Bugs

DoctorI had my doctor’s appointment Friday morning. When he picked up the lab work, I told him that my A1c would be up because of the bad insulin problems that I had back in January. The A1c was on the second page and when he got to that, he said, “your A1c.” Then he stopped and turned towards me with the best very mean look on his face that he could do. I was sitting there not sure if he was messing around or it was really bad. I was expecting really bad. Then he said that it was 5.7! Whew!

I was really worried because I knew I had a lot of highs in there. My average from my readings for the period covered by the A1c was actually 126.2 but my standard deviation was 62.3. That’s a lot of bouncing around. Good for me is about 28-30. Not even close!  Like most people, I wait to test again when I know I am high. I test a lot when I know I am low.  Testing more when low and not when high helps make the average look lower than it really is.

I also told him that the Levemir people had asked me if I had talked to him when I had the insulin problem. He said, “Did you tell them that I said that I am not the manufacturer.” Of course I did not tell them that because I did not call him about the problem. I told him what I told them and that was if I had talked to him, he would probably tell me to replace the insulin. If I ever have an insulin problem in the future, I have an answer from him if they ask me if I talked to my doctor.

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Did You Talk to Your Doctor?

I hate when people ask me that question! Diabetes is a self-management disease. What part of self-management do they not understand? Yesterday when I called the Levemir people again about the bad insulin, the guy I talked to asked me if I have talked to my doctor. I understand that he probably has a little script to follow, but why do I need to talk to my doctor? I had told him that my blood sugar went high with the Levemir and by using my Apidra every 2 hours, my blood sugar was staying in a good range. To me, common sense says that because my BS is in good range with Apidra, that is most likely an insulin problem not a Kelly problem.

This morning, I called my pharmacy to let them know that another box of Levemir would be coming today and asked if they could call me when it got there. My mother is going to pick it up and bring it to me. The person I talked to at my pharmacy said, “Did you talk to your doctor?”

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