Neuropathy and Driving

Antique Car with SmileyI watched several of my older aunts and uncles continue driving when they were no longer safe to drive. Like others, I heard numerous stories on the news about older drivers losing control and causing an accident. Prior to filing for disability and moving back where I grew up, I lived in Mechanicsburg outside of Harrisburg. My mother’s sister and her family lived there. I used to go home for lunch so that I could let my dog out. One day on that trip home, I witnessed my Aunt Ruth run a red light with her two step-granddaughters in the car. She also told me about other close calls she had, but she did not want to give up her license. I always said that I hope when I am no longer able to drive safely, if I don’t have the sense to give up my license, someone else has the sense to take it away from me.

When my neuropathy started getting worse, I realized that I was no longer a safe driver. One day I was driving down the road when a car decided to pass cars in a no passing zone. He pulled out facing oncoming traffic to get around a car. A bunch of us hit our brakes and fortunately, no one got hit. I realized at that point how much slower my reaction time was. Another time, I ran an errand one day for work when it was raining out. My shoes were wet and my foot slipped as I was backing out of the parking space I was in. Because I had no feeling left in my feet, I was unable to find the brake. Fortunately I was able to get my car stopped before I hit another car, but I went pretty far before being able to stop my car and came within inches of hitting another car. It was time to either put up or shut up.

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