I Am Allergic To Clothes!

And no, I am not going to join a nudist colony!Frog Laughing

Last November, I wrote about a strange little white bump on my back. I came to the conclusion that I have a spandex allergy. Since the first little white bump and itching started, I have had numerous bouts of hives and dermatitis. I have been learning a lot about textile and clothing allergies. The stuff I found out is pretty scary. Did you know that they put formaldehyde in fabric used to make clothes with? I didn’t believe that when I first read it.

They say that people with autoimmune problems are more susceptible to getting allergies – that makes sense because an allergy is also an immune response to the substance you are allergic to. People with allergies also have a lower risk of getting cancer (other than bladder cancer), so I guess there is at least one positive in having allergies!

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