What a Waste of $$$$

AccuChek NanoAwhile ago, I saw Manny on TuDiabetes mention that the AccuChek Nano meter was supposed to be more accurate and fall within 15% accuracy rates.  I decided that I would try one so bought one back in August.  They were only $10 so it wasn’t like I had to spend a fortune to get one and there ended up being a rebate slip in the box.  After I got home and opened the box, there weren’t any test strips.  I can’t order strips until October and I hate ordering strips for a meter I am not sure about.  Been burned one too many times!

I decided to call Roche and see if they could send me some sample strips for the Nano.  They were nice enough to send me some sample strips.  During our conversation, I made the mistake of mentioning the night that I went low and had to call the EMTs.  I mentioned it because AccuChek does read low and some meters I have had would tell you that you were 80 when you were 30.  That was a big mistake!

Because I mentioned the word “low,” Roche is required by law to replace the meter and strips.  I don’t even know what box of strips I was using.  They had to ask all kinds of questions.  I told him that it was not the meter that caused the low nor was I saying anything was wrong with the meter.  When he was talking about getting the meter back, I told him that I did not want to give up my meter – it is consistent and I am not giving it up!  He said that they still had to send me one and if I did not want to send the other one back, then don’t. 

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Animas Corporation: Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations

Animas PingA friend of mine (thank you Trisha!) just sent me this link to the FDA website – Animas was sent a letter from the FDA because they failed to properly report insulin pump problems. You can read that letter here.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t surprise me. They have 30 days to report a problem to the FDA. When my pump failed, I started reading the MAUDE reports on the FDA site to watch for my pump to show up. Considering it over-dosed me with insulin and almost killed me, you think that warrants being reported to the FDA. My pump never showed up even though other dates after they received my pump back were being reported. Reading thru the FDA site, it appeared that only minor problems were being reported to the FDA. I doubt that either pump that was returned to them was ever reported to the FDA.

When my first pump broke, I was told by several people at Animas that I would be able to call them to get the results of their testing of the pump. I made several attempts to do that but I was never given that information. It is hard to wear a pump when you know that one almost killed you but the company that is making it would rather just cover that up than be honest about what happened.

Abbott Diabetes Care Recalls Test Strips

Trisha on the ADA board just posted the link to this FDA News Release regarding the recall of certain test strips manufactured by Abbott Diabetes Care – thank you Trisha!  I thought I would share that here – I don’t think anyone needs to be a rocket scientist to know what I think about Abbott!



For Immediate Release: Dec. 22, 2010
Media Inquiries: Erica Jefferson, 301-796-4988, erica.jefferson@fda.hhs.gov
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA announces recall of Abbott glucose test strips
Strips sold in retail stores, online and used in health care facilities

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