Doctors and Gastroparesis: Why Don’t They Get It?

Anyone that has read my blog before has probably read some of my rants about doctors, especially when it comes to gastroparesis.  It wasn’t even the fact that they did nothing to help me; it was the fact that they treated me like I was causing the problem even though they knew I had gastroparesis.

Over the weekend, I received a message thru the Contact Me form on my blog.  I cried when I read her message.  She has gastroparesis and another health problem.  The gastroparesis and bouncing blood sugars compound any other problems and she has been thru a lot in trying to deal with health problems.

She was put on Regular insulin.  Regular insulin seems to be the insulin of choice for doctors with gastroparesis because it is slow. It might be slow, but it also stays in your system for 6+ hours.  Besides food being slow to digest, whatever you treat your lows with will be sitting in your stomach with all the undigested food and you will be fighting lows for hours.  When I was in the hospital, nurses would always be puzzled because they would give me something to treat the low and I would be even lower when they came back to check again.  That is a very common scenario with gastroparesis. If you have insulin floating around in your system for 6+ hours and food going nowhere, what do you really think is going to happen?

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