Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment: The Blood Sugar Cons

hyperbaric oxygen chamberWhen I first made the trek to Pittsburgh for my foot, the first doctor that I saw there mentioned the possibility of using Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. The wound center I went to called it HBO so that is what I generally say, but HBOT is the commonly accepted term.

Recently a friend of mine emailed to ask me about HBO. Her mother is not diabetic, but had a problem and they were thinking of having her do HBO. After her mother started, my friend emailed and mentioned what her mother was having to go thru with blood sugar and it reminded of the bad part of HBO.

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My Diabetic Foot Wound – The End, Sort Of

I was admitted to the hospital in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, March 7, 2006.  The following day, the podiatrist (the doctor that the vascular surgeon wanted to see me), came in to talk to me.  After we talked and we went over the history of my wound and infection, he went to review my MRIs with the radiologist.  After he talked to the radiologist, he came back to talk to me again.  He called me a challenge and was not even sure what he would end up doing for the surgery until he opened my foot up.  Being called a challenge by the surgeon about to do surgery is not something you want to hear, especially when all the doctors coming in are talking about doing what they can to save my leg.  He wanted to schedule my surgery for Friday afternoon so that it would give him a couple days to think about what he would do.  He said that breaking your bone can cause swelling in the bone, and I also had the infection, so it was hard for him to tell what was because of the infection or what was from the broken bone until he opened my foot up.

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