Joslin Medalist Program

Joslin Medalist 25 year certificateI thought that I would mention the Joslin Medalist program here. I have seen it mentioned on message boards a couple different times and there are always some long-term diabetics that have never heard of the program. I was just shy of my 25 years when I first heard of the program. Basically, Joslin will give a certificate to those people that have been an insulin-dependent diabetic for 25 years. People who made it 50 or 75 years actually get a medal. They use the term “insulin-dependent,” so that means to me, they don’t care what type you are as long as you are using insulin. You don’t need to be a patient at Joslin to qualify.

I know in some of the conversations that I have read, some people ask “what is the big deal?” A lot of us celebrate our diaversaries and having a little certificate probably doesn’t mean much. If you have to find records from 25 years ago to prove when you were diagnosed, can you imagine having to go back 50 years? I think by the time we get to 50 years, we all deserve that medal and it better be solid gold! Even if you are at 35 or 45 years, you can still get the 25 year one. Send for your 25 year certificate and stick it in the back of your filing cabinet. It will make it easier when you go for that 50 year medal. Just do it!

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