Diabetes Personified: Just a Little Crazy

I decided to use one of the wildcard topics today.  The topic of the day is Keep it to Yourself and I don’t tend to hold back anything about diabetes! I selected the Diabetes Personified Wildcard instead.

If you could personify your diabetes or that of your loved one, what would it be like?  What would it look like, what would it say, what kind of personality would it have?  Use your imagination and feel free to use images, drawings, words, music, etc. to describe it.  (Thank you Reva of Type ONEderful for this topic suggestion.)

Crazy PersonThe first thing to pop into my head with that one was crazy person!  Diabetes certainly has a mind of its own and doesn’t follow any rules.  I guess you could say that it even takes meds and still doesn’t follow any rules!

It is crazy to do the exact same thing 10 different times and have 10 totally different results.
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