My Dickens’ Village

Every year, I look forward to putting up my village at Christmas. I started collecting the Department 56 Dickens’ Village in 1996. My boss’s wife had a few houses on her mantle and I really liked them. Then one day, I walked into Kathies Christmas in Camp Hill, PA, to get a Christmas present for someone and saw their displays – I was hooked! After that, Kathies Christmas became my favorite store. I used to joke around that when people would win the lottery, you would see them on TV saying they were going to buy a house and a car. If I ever won the lottery, I would call Kathies and tell them I want one of everything I don’t have in the Dickens’ line. And of course I also discovered Department 56 on eBay. My favorite eBay store is 100cats4us – check them out!

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Vacation Time

I finally made it to day 30 of National Blog Posting month.  I am not sure how I made it because it has been a very hectic month even without trying to write something every day.  But I made it!  The hardest part was trying to come up with ideas of stuff to write about.

This time of year is always my favorite time of year because it is when I put my village up.  I traditionally start decorating right after Thanksgiving.  This year, I wanted to have my tree up by Thanksgiving, but that did not quite work out.  It takes about a week to put my village up so that it what I am working on now.


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