Bad Foot Day – NOT!

Last week, I wrote about the foot appointment I had in Pittsburgh for the new sore on my foot. I was supposed to keep the dressing on that he put on my foot until I saw him again yesterday.  Well, when I went to get my shower on Wednesday, I noticed that the bandage he had put on was coming undone and you could see about an inch long “wound” sticking out.

Man wrapped in gauzeIn the article I wrote last week, I mentioned putting my own bandaging around the one my doctor put on because of blood seeping thru the bandages.  My allergies decided to rear their ugly head again and on Tuesday, I took the bandages that I put on off and only had his on.  After seeing the way his bandage was coming undone on Wednesday, I took his off and used my own bandages.

When I saw the bottom of my foot on Wednesday, I cried.  He told me that he thought for sure my foot would be healed when I came back this Friday.  I decided to merge the picture that I posted in last week’s article with the new picture.  The one on the left side was taken May 1st, the day I went to the doctor and the one on the right was taken May 10th.

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I Am Allergic To Clothes!

And no, I am not going to join a nudist colony!Frog Laughing

Last November, I wrote about a strange little white bump on my back. I came to the conclusion that I have a spandex allergy. Since the first little white bump and itching started, I have had numerous bouts of hives and dermatitis. I have been learning a lot about textile and clothing allergies. The stuff I found out is pretty scary. Did you know that they put formaldehyde in fabric used to make clothes with? I didn’t believe that when I first read it.

They say that people with autoimmune problems are more susceptible to getting allergies – that makes sense because an allergy is also an immune response to the substance you are allergic to. People with allergies also have a lower risk of getting cancer (other than bladder cancer), so I guess there is at least one positive in having allergies!

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