Tell Me a Story: Jason

2014 Diabetes Blog Week

Today’s topic is to write a poem and I am horrible at writing poetry. I picked one of the wildcard topics instead:

Click for the Tell Me a Story Wildcard Link List. Write a short story personifying a diabetes tool you use on a daily basis. A meter, syringe, pump, pill, etc. Give it a personality and a name and let it speak through you. What would it be happy about, upset about, mad about? (Thank you Heather of Unexpected Blues for this topic.)

You want a story? Let me tell you about Jason. You know Jason, from Friday the 13th? WRONG. Jason is really my meter. Jason is bad, bad, bad!

Jason with Meter

Sometimes, Jason lies or acts like the Diabetes Police. He likes to say, “you really should NOT have eaten that.” Or he tells you that you are high just because you touched something sweet.


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My Wish For World Diabetes Day: Education

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day Blue CircleI am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. I decided to not follow the prompts today since it is World Diabetes Day.  May the Blue be with your today!

We have had some different talks about diabetes where I live – I have given two of them. Last night, they had a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) come in to talk. For you non-d people, a CDE is generally the one who trains diabetics how to manage their blood sugar.

Although the majority of what was presented was very good and up to date, there were a couple things that were lacking. She was discussing Type 2 drugs and brought up Victoza and Symlin. One of the things that she said was people have to still be producing insulin to be able to use either one of those drugs. She also stated that “this year” they decided that Symlin could be used with insulin. I spoke up because I have heard of a bunch of Type 1s using both Symlin and Victoza.

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EMTs, Foot, Eyes and Other Stuff

The month of July was crazy for me!  I had appointments for my foot and eyes, we had our family reunion and I made two things for that – my mother usually makes the broccoli salad but took me to Pittsburgh two days before and had plans to go to a convert the day in between so my sister and I offered to make things she normally made.  The town I live in has a community yard sale every summer and the apartment complex I live in takes donations and has a yard sale and uses the money for the kids.  I helped with that so that wore me out.  I also gave a talk on diabetes in my development and WEGO Health asked me to write about that – I had a stomach bug last week and missed when they posted it, but here is the link.

Two weeks ago, I went up to bed about 10.  I have an alarm go off at 11 so I can take my Levemir.  It is actually set for 11:05 in case I am downstairs.  I woke up but don’t really remember the alarm going off.  I picked up what I “thought” was my Levemir pen.  I normally take the needle off in the AM and put a new one on when I take it at 3.  There wasn’t a needle on and that really confused me because that meant I missed my 3 PM Levemir dose and wasn’t sure how I wouldn’t have realized that. I grabbed my meter to get a needle out and had trouble priming the pen – all that kept coming out was air.  I was getting really frustrated and just stuck it in my leg.

EMTsA little light bulb went off and I realized that maybe I should test my blood sugar.  I also realized that I had the wrong pen in my hand and it was Apidra, NOT Levemir!  Fortunately, I have been using syringes instead of the pen needles – me that hates syringes decided that I was getting better control with using them.  I still like the pens better because there is much less wasted insulin, and once you start pulling insulin out with a syringe, it messes up the plunger in the pen and the needles won’t work.  When I tested my blood sugar, I was 39. Had that pen actually worked and I was able to put 5 units of fast acting insulin in, I would really have been in trouble!

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First Time I Woke Up With EMTs Over Me

Wego Health Activist Writers Month Day 28

Today’s prompt for Day 28 of the Wego Health Activist Writer’s Challenge is, “First Time I… Write a post about the first time you did something. What is it? What was it like? What did you learn from it?”

I started passing out from lows for the first time in my diabetic life in 2008.  I really do believe that part of the problem was because my thyroid went out of whack.  I had to appeal to my insurance company to get a CGMS and although I had a couple bad lows slip thru, the passing out came to a halt – at least until the summer of 2010 when I started on my pump.  At the time, I didn’t realize that my pump was defective and spitting out extra insulin, but that is a whole other story!

My first time story occurred in the early hours of a Monday morning but had actually started on Saturday morning.  I woke up Saturday morning laying on my bedroom floor.  At first, I couldn’t move and couldn’t even scream for help.  I finally was able to get to the phone, but when I pulled it off my nightstand, I also pulled the cord out making the phone useless and I couldn’t get it back in.  I crawled over to the windows on the other side of the bed and somehow got my window opened to call for help.  After I got the window up, I laid down on the floor and it was at that point, I realized my blood sugar was probably low so I ripped my pump out.  By the time EMTs got there, my blood sugar was in the 50s and I didn’t think it was necessary to go to the hospital.

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Monday night after dinner, I felt like I was going low so decided to test my blood sugar.

Blood sugar 48


Yup, I was low so I grabbed some Smarties. After I ate the Smarties, I still felt weird so decided to grab some more. Normally I don’t have problems with lows after dinner unless I eat something I am not used to eating. My crash times are usually in the mornings so dropping low caught me off guard. After I ate the extra Smarties, I thought that I shouldn’t have done that and now I am going to end up high.

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Crash: Bad Timing

People For Quality Care BadgeI don’t think that there is ever a good time to have your blood sugar crash, but some days are just far worse than others. Last week, People For Quality Care asked me if I would participate in a town hall teleconference that they were having for the Philadelphia area yesterday afternoon. Philadelphia is included in the next areas to be added to the Medicare competitive bidding program. I would discuss the program’s impact on diabetics.

This was a big step outside of my comfort zone. I do much better in one-on-one situations or very small groups. I freeze in front of large groups. I worked for a company that was buying the company from the previous owner when he died. His estate had various terms that had to be agreed to. At one point, they had questions on the financial statements. My boss didn’t want to go and I had to sit with our attorney on one side of the table and was grilled by the estate’s attorney and accountant. I had no problem doing that but another time, I had to speak in front of about 100 employees. I knew most of them but when I had to stand up in front of everyone at once, I shook. I figured being on the phone would be easier than being in person. I was honored to be asked to this and terrified at the same time.

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