What You CAN Do With Gastroparesis

If you read my Managing Blood Sugar With Gastroparesis post, you might remember me mentioning the woman that went to the Mayo Clinic that was told by an endocrinologist there that she would never be able to get her A1c below 7.  I knew that was not true because I had done that.  Even though I have managed to keep my A1c in the 5s, I am constantly looking for new ways to try and improve the things that I am doing.

Having a Dexcom has really been a huge help because I am able to set alarms to warn me when my blood sugar starts to go high or when it starts to go low.  I especially like the fact that I can set the Dexcom high alarm for 120 (the lowest you could set the Navigator high alarm was 140).  There were plenty of times pre-CGMS that I would literally go from 80 to 180 in one hour when my food would start to digest.  With the Dexcom, I am able to get insulin working before I get too high so I am not having as many highs.

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Pumping, TAG and Gastroparesis

Yesterday, I wrote about the Flatliners Club and shared some pictures.  When I was taking pictures last week to share for that article, I thought I would also share what a good gastroparesis day is for me.  It is far from perfect, but if I can avoid the extremes, that is a good day.

One of the first big improvements for me with gastroparesis was learning to split my mealtime shots into multiple shots.  That helped some of the crashing after eating and the highs later once your food finally started to digest.  Doing that, I was able to start seeing A1cs in the 5s.

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The Flatliners Club

Danny on TuDiabetes always comes up with the neatest ideas.  He recently started the Flatliners Club for CGMS users.  Most of us work hard at trying to keep our BS in check.  As most of us also realize, that can be a challenge to do because there are so many things besides food that throw our BS off.  Danny started the Flatliners Club to share our successes and hopefully, some tips on how we did it.

The idea is to have a fairly flat-line on your CGMS without going above or below the lines that mark your target.  You post a picture of your CGMS screen showing your flatline.  He has the discussions grouped by period of time shown on the CGMS.  Danny even started a discussion “Rocky Mountains” for the times we go to the other extreme.  I could post lots of those kinds of pics!

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Total Available Glucose (TAG)

Total Available Glucose. or TAG – I first read about TAG on TuDiabetes.  Danny on TuDiabetes started a group for TAGgers, that you can check out at the link below and read more about it there.


The idea behind TAG is that besides bolusing for your carbs, you also bolus a percentage for the fat and protein that you consume and then spread that bolus out using the dual wave or extended bolus (or combo on Animas pumps) feature on your pump.  There are some people doing MDI that belong to the group so don’t think that you can’t use this system if you don’t have a pump.  Whether you use MDI or a pump, you definitely need a calculator if you want to use this system!

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