Understanding Other Types

Eating Face in PlateLast week in one of the Facebook groups I belong to, a food discussion came up. I don’t remember exactly how a woman worded her statement, but it was to the effect that she couldn’t eat whatever she wanted. Then someone stated that she was Type 1 and could eat whatever she wanted. She was “cool.” And yes, she actually did refer to herself as being cool. I thought about how Dr. Phil always asks, “How does that work for you?” The other woman came back and said that she was also Type 1 but she didn’t eat everything that she wanted because she worried about her weight.

I wanted to ask the “cool” woman how she would feel if non-diabetic people around her ran around saying that they were “cool” because they didn’t have to carry a meter, insulin and glucose around with them or try to figure out how much insulin they needed before they ate something.  I am sure she wouldn’t like it very much. In 28 years of being Type 1, I have never had anyone tell me that they were “cool” because they don’t have to do the things that I do with diabetes. Why would someone tell someone they “assumed” was a Type 2 that they were “cool” because they take insulin?

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Because You Are Going to Kill Them!

On Tuesday, someone landed on my blog with the search term, “why can you not withhold insulin in type 1” (that is the highlighted one towards the bottom). I wish I knew who it was so I could tell them that they are going to kill the person. I seem to get the withholding insulin searches a lot. I wrote about it last summer after a search showed up and now I seem to get more and more of those searches.

Withholding insulin search

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Gastroparesis: Is it Really?

StomachI have talked to a few people online that thought they had gastroparesis, but their doctor’s didn’t think that it was necessary to do the testing to confirm that. Diabetes in Control had an article about a study done by the Mayo Clinic that showed only 5% of Type 1s actually get gastroparesis and only 1% of Type 2s. They felt that anytime a diabetic has a stomach issue, gastroparesis is the diagnosis. You can read the full article here.

I know that I have seen much larger percentages. I just did a quick Google search while writing this and saw numbers as high as 55% of diabetics having gastroparesis. The article doesn’t state anything about the population of the people they studied. My feeling about most complications is that those of us that have been diagnosed longer have a greater chance of getting complications because the things we know and do today did not exist back then. If this study has only followed fairly newly diagnosed people (the study did last 10 years) that mostly only ever used the newer insulins and knew to test after meals, then that could explain the lower rate.

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Sometimes You Just Have to Bite Your Tongue

And sometimes, you don’t! Last night I did both. I am the kind of person that if someone needs help, I will try to help them. But if someone does not want help, I am not going push help or advice on them. I don’t appreciate people telling me that I need to do things differently than I do so I am not about to suggest someone make changes unless they actually want to do that.

Last night I was invited for dinner and to play cards with a bunch of my neighbors. One of the women is in her 80s. She is a Type 2 diabetic and takes Levemir twice a day. She had a problem where she passed out twice and when she came around, she was not able to move. Her kids have a schedule that at least one of them calls every day to check on her so when she did not respond to the phone, one of her sons came to check. Her doctors did not know for sure why it happened. Her kids made arrangements with a friend of her daughter to stay with her.
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Weight Loss and Type 1

Boyds Bear Mrs. Griz and insulin pensA recurring theme that I see on discussion boards is “how can I lose weight when I have to use insulin.” Like anything else, it might not be easy but it is possible. When I went thru my foot infection, I gained about 65 pounds when I wasn’t able to exercise. Once I was able to get back on my treadmill, I was able to lose that weight.

Boyds Bear Iown PayneI know some people feel that you don’t need to exercise to lose weight. I am old school and I believe that you do need to exercise to lose weight. I know every time I have gained weight, it was because I quit exercising. When I started exercising again, I would take the weight off. I know there are some people out there that have a super fast metabolism and they can get away with not exercising. If you are reading this because you are trying to figure out how to lose weight, then you are not in that lucky group with the super fast metabolism. You need to exercise!

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Levemir Dosing: Not Always Clear Cut

Levemir FlexPenI asked about trying Levemir back in December, 2007. My PCP gave me some sample pens and said to take it twice a day. Later I saw another doctor who tried to tell me that it was a once a day insulin. Although in the beginning I did better on Levemir than I had on Lantus, I found that it just didn’t last long enough and I would run high before my 12 hours was up.

The following spring, there was a discussion on a message board and several of us felt that Levemir was not lasting for 12 hours. I brought up trying it three times a day and I decided to give it a try. I actually found that worked a lot better for me. Right around when I tried that was when I also learned about doing basal testing. By doing basal testing, I know that my rates are set correctly and I can go 24 hours and have my blood sugar stay fairly stable.

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