A Patient’s Perspective: My Foot Five Years Later

Kelly Booth FootIt is coming up on the 5 year anniversary of when my foot finally closed 100% – the wound itself was a two year process. I can’t even say for sure which day that it totally closed because my vision was so poor at the time because of cataracts, I missed the big event. Looking back on medical records of when I saw the doctor, I know it closed between February 9th and March 19, 2007. I decided to write about this today because another person going thru a wound was asking me questions about how my foot was doing today. He was concerned about what my foot looked like now and what the skin was like.  I have written about the physical aspects of what I went thru but I have never really written about the emotional part of it.  I am finally ready to write about that part of what I went thru.

I thought I may as well take a picture of my foot and write an update about it.  If you want to see the pictures of what I healed from, you can see those here.  I warn you, don’t look if you just ate or have a weak stomach.  Although I will kind of summarize what happened here, the other write-ups with more detail are under the “Diabetic Foot Wound” menu at the top part of my blog.

I get a callous in the area that the original wound was. The doctor that did my surgery told me that it was because of the material used leaking out. I have since learned some of what he said wasn’t true so I don’t know if that is true or not – I know when I have searched for information on AlloMatrix (the material used in my foot), I have not read about that happening. It isn’t a question that I ever asked my current doctor. I go about every 10 weeks to get the callous trimmed and am past due in this picture.

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Electronic Medical Records: Did UPMC Violate My HIPPA Rights?

Confidential file folderYesterday I wrote about the phone message I received on Friday for a different Kelly Booth’s upcoming surgery. I have no relationship at all with the doctor’s office that pulled up my information in the UPMC system to call my number. My number is unlisted. There was absolutely no reason for M at Dr. X’s office to have access to my phone number. The other Kelly Booth certainly had her privacy rights violated – I now know who her doctor is and what date her surgery is scheduled for. Because I looked up the doctor, I know what type of surgeon he is and what specific disease she has or suspected of having. The other Kelly Booth’s privacy was violated because a nurse did not pay attention to whether or not she was leaving a message for the right Kelly Booth.

I do know that M is a nurse because Saturday afternoon, I called the number back and listened to her voice mail message. The number that was left was her direct line. I suspected that she was a nurse based on what she said in the original message but she did state that she was the nurse for Dr. X in her voice mail message.

Poor M. Besides leaving the message for the wrong Kelly Booth, she left the message for a Kelly Booth that is a blogger. A blogger that is concerned about health stuff. If she only knew!

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Surprise: You Are Scheduled for Surgery

Doctor with sawWhen I got back from Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon, I noticed that there was a call on my caller ID from UPMC Passavant in Pittsburgh. I don’t see any doctors at UPMC Passavant so I picked up my phone to see if there was a message. The little tone that plays when I have a voice mail was there so I checked my messages. I was very surprised to hear the following message, the beginning of which was:

Hi Kelly, its M calling from Dr. X’s office. Your OR date will be Nov …

The problem: I never heard of Dr. X (which is a made up initial) nor was I planning any surgery. My voice mail says Kelly Booth, not my phone number. The message was obviously for someone named Kelly Booth.

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Doctors, X-rays and a Little Frustration

Kelly Booth foot x-rayWhen I wrote about falling down the stairs, I said that I had gone to get x-rays of my foot. A couple weeks after I fell, my foot was bothering me a little bit so I thought I would get the x-rays to show Dr. N, the doctor that I see for my foot. I didn’t really think anything was wrong, but since that was the foot that I had the bone graft in, I just wanted to have him look at the x-rays. My regularly scheduled appointment was yesterday and I didn’t think it was necessary to move my appointment up. In fact, my foot has not been bothering me since I picked up the x-rays. When I was getting my stuff together yesterday, I felt stupid even taking the x-rays and even thought about not taking them.

I first met Dr. N in August, 2006 when I was doing HBO at the wound center I went to in Pittsburgh. Although he was not my doctor as far as my wound went, I was under his care in HBO. I knew from my experience with him in HBO and talking to some of his wound care patients in the waiting room, he was a very good doctor. His patients had a lot of respect for him. I started seeing him a little over 2 years ago at his office. He really cares about his patients and will go out of his way to help them. If you have a question about something, he takes his time to explain things. If you think differently about something than he does, he doesn’t belittle you because you have a different opinion. He is very knowledgeable. I wish everyone could have a doctor like him! His staff is just as helpful and caring as he is.

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