Foot Frustration, Anger and Forgiving

I have been extremely frustrated since this foot mess started back in April – it has brought back a lot of really bad memories that I thought I had somehow managed to bury.  I ended up taking my bandages off on Sunday because my foot was so dry.  I have spent more time crying than not ever since then.  I didn’t want to post the picture here because it is gross, but if you really want to see it, then you can click here.  Although I have been thru a lot worse, going thru this has been really hard and frustrating.

I wrote most of this yesterday then pretty much changed the whole thing this morning other than the first paragraph.

DoctorI went to the doctor that I see for my foot on Tuesday.  I will call him Dr. W (for wounds) because he specializes in wounds.  Back in January, I wrote about some of the struggles that I have had because of the wound I went thru.  In that post, I wrote about the conversation that I had with Dr. W when I first went to see him and he told me that my foot should have been fixed prior to my doing HBO – Dr. W was one of the doctor’s in HBO at the wound center at Ohio Valley General Hospital and that is where I first met him.  What he didn’t know was that I had a conversation with Dr. K, who did the surgery on my foot, prior to my starting HBO.  After I had an x-ray, Dr. K saw that the material in my foot had slipped and he even wondered if that was what was preventing my foot from closing.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment: The Blood Sugar Cons

hyperbaric oxygen chamberWhen I first made the trek to Pittsburgh for my foot, the first doctor that I saw there mentioned the possibility of using Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. The wound center I went to called it HBO so that is what I generally say, but HBOT is the commonly accepted term.

Recently a friend of mine emailed to ask me about HBO. Her mother is not diabetic, but had a problem and they were thinking of having her do HBO. After her mother started, my friend emailed and mentioned what her mother was having to go thru with blood sugar and it reminded of the bad part of HBO.

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